VisioPointer Visual Inspection System

The high resolution & high speed camera system – VisioPointer®

  • Improve profitability
  • Reduce food waste
  • Reduce plastic packaging waste
  • Reduce customer complaints

This fully integrated quality control system is application specific for the high speed inspection detection of seal contamination, labeling errors & faulty seals.

20 years of experience
With almost 20 years’ of experience, TriVision has optimised its powerful software be able to detect packaging faults at up to 360 packs per minute.

The gathered information is then categorised and displayed in an easy to understand format.
Presentation in real time is key to being able to stop packaging faults and the waste that results from it.

VisioPointer® also updates trends continuously, so that recurring faults can be spotted early & rectified.
Packs that are visually acceptable continue on to case/tray packing, while those with a fault can be automatically rejected.

VisioPointer® is a self-contained unit that can be easily & quickly installed into your production line.
It consists of:

  • a conveyor system
  • choice of cameras to inspect either top, or bottom, or both surfaces of the passing packs
  • on board PC
  • touchscreen display & software
  • LAN connection, to enable expert support & easy software updates by TriVison’s Danish software team.

Tailored Capabilities and Istallation
The VisioPointer® inspection capabilities are tailored to the requirements at each individual installation.
The most common inspection types include:

  • Seal Inspection
    • Product in Seal
    • Seal Contamination
    • Seal Damage
  • Single / Multiple Label Inspection
    • Label ID – correct label for the product
    • Label Position – is it correct within selected tolerances
    • Missing Label
    • Barcode Quality – readability for both 1D & 2D codes
    • Artwork Quality
  • Cutting Symmetry
    • Ratio of opposing seal widths
  • Print Inspection
    • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    • Optical Character Verification (OCV)
    • Quality of Date Codes

VisioPointer® – dramatically improving  packaging performance

Installation of VisioPointer® can dramatically change a line’s packaging performance, by the supply of real time information about the causes of faults, so they can be immediately identified & rectified. Retail customers & consumers can then be assured of a quality supply, a reduction in product waste and in packaging waste.
Reduced waste, reduces costs & then improves profitability.

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