The Dansensor Gas Analyser

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Dansensor’s MAP oxygen gas analyser product range is primarily based on the the Oxygen Zirconium Sensor developed by the founders of the Dansensor company 30 years ago. Dansensor continues to develop updated versions of their Zirconium gas analyser sensor and manufactures exclusively for inclusion in their range.

The principle of the how zirconium gas analyser sensors work:
The measuring principle follows Nernst’s equation:

Nernst Equation

Nernst Equation

E = EMK measured in mv
R = Gas constant
T = Absolute temperature, measured in deg. Kelvin
F = Faradays figures
P1= Oxygen partial pressure in reference gas (20,9%)
P2= Oxygen partial pressure in the measuring gas
C = Constant – the offset

The concept of the zirconium gas analyser sensor
Sensor DiagramDansensor’s zirconium sensor consists of a tube which has an external and internal platinum coating. The coating functions as an electrode measuring the tension difference (EMK etc.) generated when oxygen ions pass along the zirconium tube. A ceramic tube conducts the gas to be measured to the bottom of the sensor tube. The greater the difference in the oxygen content between an external reference gas and the internal side of the sensor tube, the greater tension difference on the sensor electrodes.

The reference gas is atmospheric air (20.946% Oxygen) and passes along the outside of the sensor tube.

The zirconium sensor is placed in an insulation heater block, controlled by a thermocouple element. The heater ensures a constant temperature around the sensor of 727 deg. C (1000 deg. Kelvin).
A constant sensor temperature and rate at which the gas passes over the sensor are critical for ensuring that consistent & repeatable measurements are made.

Zirconium gas analyser sensor specifications:

  • Measuring range: 0.1 ppm – 100% O2
  • Measuring accuracy: Better than +/- 1% of the reading
  • Sensor response time: Less than 50 msec.
  • Reference gas: Atmospheric air (20,946% O2)
  • Heating time: 10 min., complete accuracy after 20 minutes
  • Sensor lifetime: 5 years or more depending on use

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