Service, Calibration & Maintenance – Physical Testing Equipment

Dansensor Training and ServiceOur objective is to help ensure that our customers have a competitive advantage, by offering them the most appropriate equipment for their needs and by delivering exceptional Customer Service & Support.

We recognise that for you, as well as us, “getting it right first time” is essential to profitability in highly competitive markets. We help bring you that competitive advantage by supplying and maintaining equipment that monitors and improves product quality. By understanding your businesses and by building long lasting relationships, we are able to work effective together.

Service, Calibration & Maintenance Options

Customers and manufacturing sites often have specific and often different needs. In response to that we offer a range of clear and effective services.

1. Installation & commissioning

  • Simply receiving a box containing the equipment is not always enough.
  • Our engineers are able to come to your site, set up & commission the equipment as well as train you and your staff in its use & maintenance.
  • Where additional validation of the instrument & it’s performance is necessary, we also offer IQ / OQ / PQ to meet those validation & regulatory requirements.

2. Service & Calibration

2018 Physical Testing  Service Tour Dates
Microperm Week 8
19 – 23 February 2018
Rycobel/TME BT1000/Thwing Albert
Week 15
09-13 April 2018
IGT / TestPrint Week 16
16-20 April 2018
IGT / TestPrint
Week 23 4-8 June 2018

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We stand out from the crowd for two significant reasons:

  • We only use service engineers that have been trained & certified by the manufacturers of the equipment.
  • Our engineers don’t simply verify the values found. They are trained to adjust equipment & carry a stock of spare parts with them to make small repairs during the service & calibration process. That means that you’re equipment is reading correctly and has been certified before we leave the site.

3. Return to Base and On-site Service
Another essential choice so you can choose which suits you best

  • Return to Base – Returning your instrument to our certified service centre is usually the most cost effective option.
  • Dedicated site visit – Sometimes essential, especially for investigation of a breakdown.
  • Join a service tour – We offer regular service tours throughout the year and across UK, covering most instrument types. This option combine the convenience of an on-site visit with,
    engineer travel expenses shared with other customers.

Service Bench Image4. Additional Equipment Training
Training your operators or supervisor staff is key for the correct operation of any equipment. To help you with that, we can visit your site with bespoke training any new entrants, or give refresher courses to established members of your team.

5. Relocation Service
If you need to move equipment to a different site, either within the UK, or to elsewhere in Europe, we can collect, securely pack, transport, delivery, install, commission, calibrate & train the new users.

6. Free Technical Helpline

  • We have a telephone/email service available for answering one off questions.
    Please call 01223 492081
  • For urgent technical assistance between 14.30 – 17.00 on a Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) please call 07960 182806

Booking a Service Tour or Technical Support