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Quality Performance
Ensuring that the results you get from your quality assurance equipment are correct and accurate is vitally important to your reputation and business future.

Reliable and regular servicing and calibration are essential. We have a range of excellent Service and Calibration offers for all of our food packaging instruments and
physical testing instruments

Dansensor Equipment Service Point
Our fully equipped Service Centre and workshop is audited and certified by PBI-Dansensor to ensure that we meet their demanding standards.

Physical Testing Equipment Service Point
We offer a number of technical support options, including a range of on-site and return to base technical services.

The work is always done by manufacturer trained engineers and instruments are calibrated using traceable National Standards.

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Service Teams on 01223 492080 or

For urgent technical assistance between 14.30 – 17.00 on a Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) please call 07956 513396