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FP-2260 Friction and Peel Tester

Dedicated & microprocessor controlled for measuring static & kinetic friction of sheet material & calculating the coefficient of friction. Heated bed plate option allows hot slip to be measured. Attachments for performing 90°, 180° and T peel.

Friction and Peel Tester

A dedicated microprocessor controlled tester for measuring the static friction and kinetic friction of sheet material and calculating the coefficient of friction. A heated bed plates option allows hot slip to be measured.Attachments for performing 90 °, 180 ° and T peel.

Z-Span 2000

Zero Span 2000 determines pulp fibre length, fibre strength and fibre bonding strength ratios semi-automatically. After loading of the sample cartridge it performs a series of short span and zero span tensile tests on both wet and dry samples. Used primarily in a pulp and paper mill for determining the quality of pulp. Fast and excellent levels of repeatability when compared with traditional evaluation methods.

Z-Span 3000

The Z-Span 3000 package. Includes the Z-Span 2000 and an automated hand sheet forming system for preparing the sheet samples, required for inserting into the Z-Span sample cartridge.

Tissue Burst Tester

A dedicated instrument based on the EJA Tensile Tester for testing both the dry and wet bursting strength of tissue paper and paper towelling. With a very sensitive loadcell measuring system, it is specifically designed for testing tissue, non-wovens and other lightweight sheets. Complies with new CEN Tissue Bursting Strength Standard.