Physical Testing Equipment Training Tour

Optimise Your Physical Testing Equipment With Our New Training Tour

Brush up your skill set, bring under utilised equipment back into your Quality Assurance regime and at the same time, maximise your output and profit.

  • Do you have Physical Testing equipment under utilised through a lack of
    knowledge or training?
  • Would you like a site visit where employees can be trained on that, or any other type of equipment from our full range.
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2018 Training Tour Costs
For only £285.00 per person per instrument + £295.00 travel costs per site, we visit your premises and help bring new life to your old equipment and increase the skills of your staff.

If you would like to know more, or to talk to us about the specific pieces of equipment you would like our help with, please contact is on 01223 492081 or via and for just £1435.00 you could have two member of staff trained on two instruments.

Please note that for the tour to take place, we need at least of six customers taking up the offer, which cannot be combined with the annual service tour.

Contact us on 01223 4920181 or via

300_HandleOMeter Protear Elmendorf Electronic Tear Tester 300_EJA_Vantage_Universal_Material_Tensile_Tester_Family Friction Peel Tester 2260 300Semi-Automatic Sheet Former 300SpecScan
Handle-o-meter ProTear Electronic
Tearing Tester
EJA Vantage Universal
Tensile Tester
FP-2260 Friction Peel
Sheet Former