MAP Gas Flow Check Offer

280_EngineersOur MAP Gas Flow Check is a great way of checking how much gas you might be wasting on your flow wrapper or bagger packaging machines and can help you to:

  • reduce the cost of your MAP packing
  • optimising the gas consumption on your flow wrapping & bagging machines

What customers of ours and Dansensor have found so far:

  • gas savings of between 40-50% have been made when controlling the flow of MAP gas using Dansensor’s MAP Check 3
  • typical payback period for users is often under 1 year.

Uniquely, the MAP Check 3 monitors the % O2 content of gas in the forming film tube and automatically regulates the flow of gas to ensure the correct % residual O2 is achieved in the pack without over flushing and wasting gas.


300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014

MAP Check 3

If the correct % O2 can’t be achieved by regulating the gas flow, the MAP Check 3 will automatically stop the packaging machine. An additional advantage in avoiding the need and the hazards of reworking product.

Recovering the cost of the new equipment
With the minimum of disruption, we can connect ourĀ  MAP Check 3 trial unit & inline gas flow meter to your packing line and demonstrate the

  • unit performance
  • potential gas saving that you could be making

From this we can calculate how much money you could be saving on a each specific packing line that we test to help you to calculate the payback time on your investment in new equipment.

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