MAP CO2 Sensor Upgrade

Upgrade your existing LeakMatic and LeakPointer with the new state-of-the-art CO2 sensor

Dansensor_mocon_company_logoAs part of their continuous improvement, Dansensor has launched a new CO2 sensor for the LeakMatic and LeakPointer. This means that the old Nasicon based ceramic based sensor is not longer available.

“The new sensor is designed for a long lasting performance and and comes with a 3 year warranty, so while the initial investment in a replacement sensor is higher than with the Nasicon sensor, that traditional sensor only had a typical life of 8 – 16 months and had to be replaced more often.” comments Karsten Kejlhof Sales and Marketing Director at Dansensor

LeakPointer II

Advantages of the new Dansensor optical system:

  • Advanced leak-testing algorithm
  • Not sensitive to elevated CO2 levels often found in a MAP food production environment
  • Ready to use in only one minute, reducing start-up time significantly
  • Not cross-sensitive with a variety of other substances such as some cleaning fluids and some inks & adhesives
  • Three year warranty

The new sensor can be fitted to all previous models of LeakPointer and LeakMatic

LeakMatic II

The upgrade is carried out on-site by our experienced engineers and takes approximately 2 hours, ensuring minimal downtime.

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LeakPointer II Special Offer
10% discount on orders for LeakPointer II confirmed before 18th December 2015
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