MAP Check 3 Gas Analyser plus GasSave

300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300_MAP-Mix-Provectus
MAP Check 3 MAP Mix Provectus

How Does a 40% MAP Gas Saving* Sound to You?

The enhanced GasSave function of the MAP Check 3 increases your flexibility,
enabling you to combine monitoring of gas content on a vertical or horizontal
flow packaging machine with real time control of package flushing.

For most manufacturers that translates into a significant
decrease in gas consumption.

MAP Check 3 is the smart way to control your MAP process and for real time, continuous monitoring of headspace O2 + CO2 in food packages as the products are being packed.

The MAP Check 3 is for use on bagging and flow wrap packaging equipment and includes:

  • online oxygen gas analyser (CO2 sensor available optionally)
  • GasSave to optimize gas useage random
  • logs & displays actual gas consumption
  • interfaces with MAP Mix Provectus gas mixer.

*Gas savings demonstrated during onsite customer trials using controlled flow vs fixed flow.

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