MAP Case Studies

Dansensor equipment is in use in food packing companies around the world and in many different food sectors. Below are some of the Case Studies that have come forward from some of those long standing relationships. Click on the adjoining image for a pdf download of the full article.

Coffee Processed Meat
Coffee and the quality of Modified Atmosphere
How the CheckMate 3 and
MAP Check 3 can help conserve
the excellence of quality coffee over time.
…. ….. Tulip (one of Denmark’s leading producers
of processed food) saves money with the
new MAP gas mixer and analyser
How the MAP Check 3 and
MAP Mix Provectus have together helped
to reduce gas consumption by 30-40%
Snacks Olive Packing
MAP Check 3 boosts efficiency at
a leading snack maker by helping to
bring reductions in staff time and waste
foil, and has brought gas consumption
down by an estimated 20-25% at KiMs,
one of Scandinavia’s leading
producers of crisps, nuts and snack foods.
Ansolive, a high grade olive packaging
company in Alleur, near Brussels has
installed the CheckMate 3 and
MAP Mix 9001 ME as part of their
packaging quality assurance process.
Dried Potato Products
Pfanni, a subsidiary of Unilever, is
using the CheckMate 3 to make accurate
readings and store data on computer
rather than on make the mountain of
expensive paper they were using before.

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