LeakPointer II – Special Offer

10% Discount (£1500.00) on LeakPointer II for orders confirmed by 18th December 2015*

LeakPointer II – benchtop leak detection system, with optical sensor

  • Using CO2 as a trace gas for CO2 containing MAP packs, the LeakPointer II detects micro-leaks from poor sealing, food entrapment, or pinholes in the packaging film. Very effective for detecting micro-leaks.

  • Ideal for testing seal integrity of individual packs, or small groups of packs.

  • Optional trolley for mobility

Six Great Reasons for purchasing the LeakPointer II:

  1. Rapid start up time, with the sensor ready in just 1 minute
  2. Operates correctly even in elevated, and stable atmospheric CO2 concentrations
  3. Comes with a 3 year warranty
  4. Reduced risk of false leaks from an improved software algorithm
  5. Greatly reduced cross sensitivity to alcohol, cleaning detergents etc
  6. Easy to install

Leakpointer II 1

10% Discount on all LeakPointer II orders (that’s a saving of £1500.00) if we receive your confirmed order by 18th December 2015.

Trolly for the Dansensor Benchtop LeakPointer II Leakpointer in Action

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LeakPointer II Trolly Testing Product