Z-Span 3000

The Z-Span 3000 package. Includes the Z-Span 2000 and an automated hand sheet forming system for preparing the sheet samples, required for inserting into the Z-Span sample cartridge.

The Pulmac Z-SpanTM 3000 offers a complete Z-SpanTM package, in one compact and highly automated system, to determine effective fibre strength and changes in fibre length, alignment and bonding.

Drawn from any pulp or stock sample, a volume of pulp slurry with measured consistency is prepared initially at the Z-SpanTM 3000 workstation before being poured into the sheet former reservoir. Five minutes after activation, six sample sheets are delivered automatically, ready to be weighed and loaded onto the tester feed tray.

The automated Z-SpanTM technology brings new certainty to pulp strength. Based on systematic testing, the generated data can alert users to below tolerance limits before creeping process changes deteriorate pulp strength. Direct benefits include reduced downgraded pulps, penalty payments and warehousing costs – effectively ensuring the manufacture of more pulp at less cost.

The Z-SpanTM 3000 System

  • Z-SpanTM tester 2000
  • Sheet former for the fabrication of sample sheets
  • Workstation for sample preparation

Produces sheets and automatically measures, analyses and displays pulp strength numbers within 20 minutes, enabling the pulp strength to be determined accurately for every batch of 100-200 tonnes of production pulp.

After initiating the sheet formation cycle, six test sheets are delivered automatically within 5 minutes. Once test sheets are loaded onto the feed tray and the test cycle is activated, the Z-SpanTM tester will measure and record 24 separate zero or short-span tensile tests. The separate tests are analysed and the resulting Z-SpanTM strength numbers are displayed on the monitor and stored for later use.

With the Z-SpanTM 3000, shift testers can generate pulp strength numbers 24 hours a day, with a 3% coefficient of variation, a repeatability that can be assessed and monitored using the unique Pulmac reference pulp software program.


  • Auto-timing of de-watering device
  • Program-controlled mixer
  • Program-controlled automated sheet former
  • Humidity control of test sheets
  • Z-SpanTM 2000 touch-screen computer control, data manipulation and display,  reference pulp program,
    CD-ROM backup, service communication


• Workstation

  • De-watering device
  • Fluffer
  • Fluff pulp scale/cup
  • Mixer/mixing cups/dilution jug
  • Timer/paper scale/hygroscopic standard
  • Supplies and disposable parts
  • Sonic cleaner and tools
  • Automated sheet former
    • Computer controller
    • Touch-screen monitor
Physical specifications
Dimensions and net weight

  • Tester 107 x 64 x 64 cm (W x D x H); 100 kg
  • Controller 56 x 56 x 36 cm (W x D x H); 21 kg
  • Monitor 56 x 51 x 46 cm (W x D x H); 18 kg
Additional requirements

  • 850 KPa or 8 bar of instrument quality air
  • 6.35 mm slip fitting for air supply
  • Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz, 15 A
ASTM D5804, D5803, TAPPI T-231, T-273

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