Z-Span 2000

Zero Span 2000 determines pulp fibre length, fibre strength and fibre bonding strength ratios semi-automatically. After loading of the sample cartridge it performs a series of short span and zero span tensile tests on both wet and dry samples. Used primarily in a pulp and paper mill for determining the quality of pulp. Fast and excellent levels of repeatability when compared with traditional evaluation methods.

The Pulmac Z-Span™ 2000 offers the latest technology to determine effective fibre strength and changes in fibre length, alignment and bonding. Consisting of a tester, controller and monitor, the Z-Span™ 2000 is delivered factory-calibrated with software pre-installed.

It is operated by intuitive touch-screen software in a Windows ® environment and after loading the sample onto the feed tray and initiating the hands-free test procedure, the custom-configured Z-Span™ database is updated automatically within 5 minutes. The information can then be selectively recalled for printing, on-screen display or for export to a spreadsheet file or a remote system either directly or via disk.


Automated Z-Span™ technology brings new certainty to pulp strength monitoring. Based on systematic testing, the generated data can alert users to below tolerance limits before creeping process changes deteriorate pulp strength. Direct benefits include reducing downgraded pulps, penalty payments and warehousing costs – effectively ensuring the manufacture of more pulp at less cost.

High speed – automatically measures, analyses and displays pulp strength numbers within 5 minutes. Software
Password-protected system manager function and directory access Intuitive touch-screen menu control
Reference pulp program including chart with auto-limit settings to monitor test calibration Output data to disk, LAN file, printer or screen
Custom sampling location settings Custom descriptor field for unique test identification
Custom rogue data rejection settings Scrolling display of stored data with four levels of sort (date/time, location, description, test)



  • Rugged construction
  • Jaw and anvil inserts precision-machined from hardened and rust-resistant alloy
  • Computer controller
  • Touch-screen monitor
  • CD-ROM backup disk
  • On-line software support capability
  • Operation and maintenance tools
  • Operator manual
Physical specifications

  • Dimensions and net weight
    • Tester 107 x 64 x 64 cm (W x D x H); 100 kg
    • Controller 56 x 56 x 36 cm (W x D x H); 21 kg
    • Monitor 56 x 51 x 46 cm (W x D x H); 18 kg
Additional requirements

  • 850 KPa or 8 bar of instrument quality air
  • 6.35 mm slip fitting for air supply
  • Power supply 220 V, 50 Hz, 15 A
ASTM D5804, D5803, TAPPI T-231, T-273

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