Valley Laboratory Beater

For the beating a 360 gram sample of pulp for subsequent evaluation. Complies with ISO 5264/1 & Tappi T200. Resultant beaten pulp used for handsheet production and freeness testing.

The Valley Laboratory Beater is used to beat pulp in a uniform, standard and reproducible way. A single 360 gram sample of pulp can be beaten in the large (25 litre) tub. Standard procedure for grinding and calibrating will ensure reproducible results.

Applications: Pulp


  • 25 litre tub
  • Conforms to National and International Standards ISO 5264/1, TAPPI T200, BS 6094 Part 1, SCAN C25


  • Large pulp sample allows for progressive investigation of work done from one single charge
  • Adjustable and repeatable beating pressure is produced by a weighted lever
  • Sturdy construction

Instrument Size

  • Dimensions: 650 mm (25.5 in) x 970 mm (38 in) x 950 mm (37.5 in) (D x H x W)
  • Weight: approx. 400 kg (875 lb)

Please specify voltage requirements when ordering

Ordering Information

Catalog Number Material
72-13-01 Cast Iron
72-13-03 Cast Bronze
72-16 Stainless Steel

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