PocketGoniometer PGX+

Unique, portable and robust goniometer instrument for determining the wettability of substrates without having to cut or prepare them. Measures static contact angle, dynamic contact angle, surface tension and calculates surface free energy, by placing the instrument directly on the test surface. Huge range of wetting and contact angle applications.

The PGX+  is a unique, robust and portable instrument for investigating the wetting behaviour of a liquid on a solid surface. Static contact angles, dynamic contact angles, surface free energy and surface tension can be measured by placing the PG-X directly on to the surface of the material to be tested – no preparation of sample test strips is required. When used in conjunction with the Disposable Liquid Dispensing Unit, Advancing & Receding can also be measured. The PGX+ software includes a report generator.

The PGX+  is a semi-automated instrument with an integrated automatic micro-pump that delivers a droplet of test liquid of consistent size for reliable, repeatable results. The droplet size is selectable in 0.5 µl increments and an integrated video camera captures up to 80 images per second to show precisely what happens from the moment of droplet contact.

Connecting directly to the USB port of a laptop or PC, the PGX+ software is compatible with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8. Suitable for 64 & 32 bit operating systems. The easy to load PGX+ software enables the selection of test parameters and the storage of test data, which can also subsequently be exported to other Windows programs such as Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel. A movie of the dynamic test image can be replayed and exported and the results from two different tests can be compared.

The PGX+ comes in carry case, making it ideal for use in the laboratory and off-site.


  • No sample preparation – PGX+  placed directly on to the surface to be tested
  • Measures static contact angle as low as 2°
  • Automatic calibration procedure
  • Automatic droplet application for consistent results
  • Integrated video camera for real-time dynamic contact angle measurements
  • Selectable test parameters and storage of test data
  • Movie of dynamic test image can be replayed and exported
  • Software license permits use on unlimited number of computers simultaneously
  • Supplied in a carry case with spare Teflon droplet applicator tubing and a calibration standard syringe for filling the test liquid container

Performance data

  • Integrated micro-pump delivers in 0.5 µl increments
  • Captures 80 images per second
  • Export of test data to Windows programs such as Microsoft Access and MicrosoftExcel
  • Easy viewing of results as data and/or graphs
  • Recall of previous test results and comparison of results from two different tests

Physical specifications

  • Dimensions – 60 x 90 x 65 mm (W x L x H)
  • Net weight   – 400 g
  • Power   – Via USB cable link to laptop or PC

ASTM D724, D5946, TAPPI T458


  • Disposable Liquid Dispensing Unit
  • Service and maintenance contract

Related Products
The Disposable Liquid Dispensing Unit

When tacky or different types of liquids are used with the PGX+, it is necessary to clean and replace parts or the liquid system each time to avoid contamination. The new Disposable Liquid Dispensing Unit is an excellent alternative to this and also offers options not available with the standard instruments.

The disposable part of the system consists of a 1 ml syringe, a dispensing tip and a length of PTFE tubing. The syringe produces more than 200 liquid droplets of 4 µl and when emptied, or not required any more, the entire system can be disposed of. For each test liquid, a new syringe, dispensing tip and length of tubing is used and inserted into the dispensing unit.

The Disposable Liquid Dispensing Unit can be programmed to carry out the complex analysis of the wetting hysteresis by measuring the advancing/receding angles when the PGX+ is in dynamic mode. After placing a droplet on the surface, the pump flow can be reversed automatically at a user-defined volume to make the droplet recede. The droplet is released on completion of the test.

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