Tensile Tester

Dedicated small tensile tester for measuring Peak Force, Peak % Elongation and will display Tensile Strength, Tensile Energy Absorption ( TEA ), Tensile Index and Breaking Length of low force applications up to 1330N ( 136kgs / 300lbs ). Applications include paper, board, tissue, adhesives, peel testing, seal testing, 180 degree peel strength and bond strength

Tensile Tester

With a footprint just over 0.20 square meters (2.3 square feet) the Model 84-76 Tensile Tester provides a large 5.7 inch color display, intuitive operator interface, software control, integrated printer & serial port for data collection.

Designed to test strength of sheet materials including Paper, Board, Tissue Paper, Film Packaging Seals, Adhesives, Pressure Sensitive Tapes and a variety of low force tensile applications up to 1330 N (136 Kg, 300 lbs).

The Model 84-76 Tensile Tester is a robust, precision, tensile strength instrument suitable for rugged production environments yet designed to provide highly accurate measurements for research applications.

Simple Automated Testing
When used in production, the Model 84-76 Tensile Tester automatically displays Peak Force and Peak % Elongation after each measurement. Additional results displayed are Tensile Strength, TEA, Tensile Index and Breaking Length.

Paper, Board, Tissue Paper, Adhesives, Peel Testing, Seal Strength, 180 ° Peel Strength, Bond Strength


  • Load Capacity 1330 N (300 Lb)
  • Air-Operated Clamps for sample widths of 25, 50, or 75 mm ( 1,2 &3 inch)
  • Load Cell selection- 1330, 444 & 111 N (300,100 & 25 lbs) Special ranges available
  • Travel stroke 300 mm (12 inches) or 914 mm (36 inches)
  • Additional travel stroke sizes available
  • Force units – Newtons, Kilograms and Pounds
  • Distance units conversion- Millimeters and Inches
  • Large high contrast 5.7 inch color display for results and statistics
  • Statistics include Average, Minimum, Maximum, COV and SD
  • RS232 serial output and built-in printer included
  • Compatible with GraphMaster PC based data collection and curve analysis software


  • ISO 12625- 4 Tissue Paper and Tissue Products-Part 4: Determination of tensile strength, stretch at break and tensile energy absorption
  • TAPPI T- 494 Tensile properties of paper and paperboard (using constant rate of elongation apparatus)
  • ISO 1924 Paper and board – Determination of tensile properties – Part 3: Constant rate of elongation method (100 mm/min)
  • CPPA D34 Tensile Breaking Properties of Paper and Paper Board
  • ASTM F88 Standard Test Method for Seal Strength of Flexible Barrier Materials

Model 84-76 incorporates a new microcontroller design with a stepper motor which provides precision position control for repeatable instrument performance. An intuitive control panel and large 5.7 inch color display provides easy operation of the testing.

Intuitive Software design makes test screen set up and navigation quick and accurate. Software also allows the operator to develop, store and recall commonly used test methods for easy access thus reducing operator error. Test Method storage also insures correct settings of critical parameters resulting in repeatable result data.

A common electronic platform incorporates reusable software components which are shared with a family of instruments offered by the TMI Group. Competitively priced instruments are the result as software development costs are reduced and long term component supply is ensured.


  • Measuring Range: Load Capacity 1330 N (300lb)
  • Load Cells: 1330, 444 & 111 N ( 300,100 & 25 lbs) special ranges available
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5% of reading
  • Specimen Width: up to 76 mm (3 inches)


  • Test Speed: 5-300 mm/ minute (.2-12 inch/min)
  • Return Speed: 5-300 mm/ minute (.2-12 inch/min)
  • Stroke length: 300 Millimeters (12 inches) additional sizes available


  • Force units: Newtons, Kilograms and Pounds
  • Distance units conversion: Millimeters and Inches
  • Statistics Display
  • Number of tests
  • Highest value, Lowest value
  • Average
  • Standard deviation
  • Variation coefficient
  • Max. number of tests : 100 (in one test series)

Instrument size

  • Width: 53 x 40 x 79 (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 43 kg


  • Power – 120V/220Volt 50Hz/60Hz
  • RS232C serial output, Built-In Printer

Safety Features
Overload protection based on load cell in use

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