Taber Rotary Platform Abraser

Taber Rotary Abraser for measuring resistance wear of flat sheet materials.Single and dual abrader head version available with a wide selection of abrasion wheels for wear and rub testing.

The Taber ® Abraser was developed to perform accelerated wear resistance testing of flat sheet materials.

First introduced in the 1930’s, this precision built instrument rapidly became the world standard for evaluating abrasion resistance. Since its inception, the abraser has been used for quality & process control, research & development and material evaluation. Used to test a wide range of materials, the abraser has been referenced in numerous test standards and specifications.

Luggage, carpeting-paper & paperboard, clothing, glass, ceramic tile, coated metals, paint, lacquer & varnish, decorative & high pressure laminates, plastics, textile, resilient flooring, traffic paint, anodic coating, rugs, electronics, decorative sheets, waxes, labels, upholstery, dental products, automotive interiors, vinyl, furniture.

Samples of material to be tested are mounted on the abraser’s rotating turntable and subjected to the wearing action of two abrasive wheels applied at a specific pressure.

A unique “X” pattern of abrasion, an exclusive Taber feature, is produced by the rotary rub-wear action of the wheels. Wear action occurs as the wheels are turned by the rotating sample. The axis of rotation of the wheels is displaced from that of the turntable so that a sliding action is generated as they rotate, abrading the material.

An area of 30 square centimetres is subjected to wear, and a complete circle on the material surface is abraded at all angles of grain or weave.


  • Model 5135with a single sample table.
  • Model 5155with a dual sample table which allows the testing of two different or identical materials separately or simultaneously for comparison and contrast. This dual unit doubles the productivity of a single operation.

Determines the precise point at which a material – up to 1.27 cm thick – breaks down or shows unacceptable wear. Most versatile accelerated wear tester in the world. By changing the accessories, you can completely change the test. You can customise the abrasion test to simulate real life wear conditions.

Compact & durable design. A sturdy housing holds the control panel, digital display for the LED readouts and input key pad for operation.

Control panel has the following keys :

  • Cycle selector key : preset number of cycles
  • Vacuum level key : adjusts vacuum suction for test control
  • Cycles completed key : informs operator how many cycles have been completed (automatically activated once the start key is depressed)
  • Vacuum only – enables user to operate just the vacuum (useful to clean the drive shaft and specimen table cavity or to operate the wheel refacer)

Precise controls for reliable results

Careful selection of the abrasive quality of the wheel

Strict quality control of abrading wheels consistency

Documentation of the weight load in grams placed on the wheels

Removal of abraded particles with a vacuum pick-up

Electronic counting of turntable revolutions

Technical specifications

  • Height of vacuum pick-up nozzle
  • The height of the vacuum pick-up nozzle is normally set between 6.35 and 9.5 mm.
  • Speed of turntable
  • Models that operate on 230V, 50Hz rotate at 60 ± 1 rpm.
  • Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, CE marked

Accessories supplied as standard

Model 5135 5155
Taber Abraser 1 1
Auxilliary Weights (1000g load ) 2 4 (2 sets)
Auxilliary Weights (500g load) 2 4 (2 sets)
E-100-125 specimen holder 4.25 inch O.D 1 2
E-100-101 Hold-down ring for specimen holder 1 2
Hex wench for hold down ring 1 1
S-11 abrasive discs refacing cal wheel, 100/pkg 1 pkg 1 pkg
S-12 long handled hand brush 1 1
S-16 specimen plates 4 inch s.a, 10/pkg 1 pkg 1 pkg
Calibrase wheels CS-10 1 pair 2 pair
Calibrade wheels H-18 1 pair 2 pair
Vaucuum unit with clean-up brush & suction hose 1 1

Physical specifications

Dimensions (W x D x H)

  • Model 5135 28 x 40.5 x 25.5 cm
  • Model 5155 51 x 35.5 x 25.5 cm

Net Weight

  • Model 5135 20.5 kg
  • Model 5155 41 kg


  • Full line of test accessories
  • Specimen holders, plates, wheels, strips, discs, mounting cards & sheets, counterweights, auxiliary weights, vacuum set, filter bags, etc.
Wheel Sets Wheel Refacing Specimen Mounting
Test Accessories Miscellaneous Accessories Calibration Verification Kit

Sample cutter
For the preparation of accurate specimens.
The model 5000 will cut precise, 10.7 mm circular samples with a 6.35 mm center hole.

Quiet cabinet
To reduce the typical sound level of 78 dB by ± 20 %.

Grit feeder
Provides a unique method to evaluate abrasion resistance on a variety of materials. This instrument was originally designed to simulate abrasion caused from grit embedded in leather soled shoes and is typically used to test flooring.

Scuffing Head Attachment
Mounted on the left hand abraser arm mount, a scuffing head and weight are used in place of the abrading wheels. As the table rotates, the scuffing head is dragged across the specimen surface.

Vacuum Sets
Includes flexible suction hose and round brush.

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