Taber Oscillating Abrasion Tester

Measure resistance to surface abrasion and scratching.

The Oscillating Abrasion Tester (Model 6160) generates surface damage reflective of what is commonly seen in real life. Test specimens are subjected to an abrasive media that shifts significantly within the tray resulting in scratches, pits and surface roughening on the specimen surface.

A scotch-yoke drive system allows an even distribution of movement centered on the tray. This ensures the pressure of the abradant is consistent for the duration of the test. Test parameters can be changed with an adjustable stroke length and variable speed.

With the specimen holder integrated in a detachable tray, the standard test arrangement is intended for flat specimens up to ½ inch thickness. Customized holders can be developed to evaluate non-standard shapes. An optional test kit is also available to conduct the “Bayer Test” for contoured lenses.

Additionally, using abrasive slurry allows for small-scale, controllable tests to assess material erosion resistance.

Standard Features Oscillating Abrasion Tester Includes
Adjustable stroke lengths 0.25” to 6.0” Specimen Tray with Integrated Holder
Variable stroke speed from 100 – 200 cycles per minute Specimen Spacers (set of 8 )
Stainless steel specimen tray (9 1⁄2” x 12” x 2 ½” deep) 4/10 Silica Abrasive Media (50 lb)
Vibration isolator mounts 6” Rule
115V/230V switchable Spirit Bubble Level
Specimen Removal Tool
Disposable Specimen Tray Cover

Optional Accessories (sold separately):

Part No Description
133032 4/10 Silica Abrasive Media (50 lb container)
133033 Alundum ZF-12 Abrasive Media (50 lb container)
133037 Bayer Testing Kit (includes Bayer test pan, Alundum ZF-12 abrasive media, 5 pair CR39 ISO lenses)
133547 CR39 ISO Standard Plano Lens for Bayer Test (25 pr)
133026 Stainless Steel Specimen Tray (9½”x 12″ x 2½”)
132886 Stainless Steel Specimen Tray (9½”x 12″ x 4″)
133000 Specimen Tray Cover – stainless steel
133048 Specimen Tray Cover – disposable
121257 Specimen Spacers – 4″ square, 1/16″ Plexiglas (10 pc)
134447 Operating Instructions

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