Taber Linear Abraser

Taber Abraser is specifically for measuring resistance wear to curved and non sheet samples. Full range of abraser heads from soft to extremely course. Ideal for the automotive industry and testing wear on medical devices.

Designed to test virtually any size or shape specimen, the Linear Abraser is ideal for testing the material properties of contoured surfaces and finished products. Initially developed to evaluate wear resistance, this instrument can also be used to evaluate scratch resistance (single or multiple pass), colour transfer (crocking), and perform coin scrape tests. Plus, with the universal or a custom attachment, ‘real life’ testing and other forms of material durability can be performed. The Linear Abraser can be used for both wet and dry testing.

A precision bearing on the spline shaft creates a “free-floating head”. As the arm strokes in a linear motion, this “free-floating head” follows the contours of the specimen – curved or flat.

To enable the user to simulate real life conditions, test parameters can be altered so optimal settings for each material can be established. The Taber ® Linear Abraser allows you to select stroke length, speed, and load.

Testing versatility is achieved with interchangeable attachments. The collet assembly comes standard with each Linear Abraser, and is used for wear testing. Other attachments are sold separately – please follow the links to Consumables for more information.

Scratch Mar Tools

For convenience, the Linear Abraser includes two (2) operating modes, RUN and REFACE. During normal testing, the mode should be set to RUN. The REFACE mode is provided for wear testing, and allows the user to reface the abradant without having to reprogram the number of cycles.

The Linear Abraser is CE Marked, and is 115V/230V switchable.

Operating Stroke Length

  • Eleven (11) standard lengths between 0.2 and 4.0 inch (0.2; 0.5; 0.61; 0.75; 1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3.0; 3.5; 4.0 inch)
  • Custom stroke lengths available upon request

Accessory Lamp

Operating Speed

  • Variable stroke speed from 2-75 cycles per minute
  • Six (6) preset speed selection buttons including 2, 15, 25, 30, 40 and 60 cycles per minute

Programmable Test Duration

  • Up to 999,999 cycles (note – abradant may wear prior to end of test)
  • Two modes for standard tests or refacing

Flat Table

Adjustable Load

  • Standard range from 350g to 2,100g with supplemental weight discs (includes base load of 350g plus three 250g weight discs)
  • Accessory weight discs available in 10g, 20g, 50g, 75g, 100g, 150g and 250g increments. See set up options below.
  • Optional light weight spline shaft expand testing flexibility and permit total loads as low as 60g. See set up options below.


  • CS-10 Calibrase ® and H-18 Calibrade ® Wearaser® are included
  • Wide selection of additional abradants and format abradants are available. More……..

Specimen Table


  • Laser alignment guide for easy test set-up
  • Automatic calibration reminder
  • Auxiliary Lamp (optional)
  • Remote Start / Stop (optional)
  • Specimen Table (optional)
Instrument Set Up Options
Part No Description
132716 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 10 gram (each)
132717 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 20 gram (each)
131548 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 50 gram (each)
131611 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 75 gram (each)
131612 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 100 gram (each)
131373 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 150 gram (each)
130285 Auxiliary Weight Disc – 250 gram (each)
132740 Precision Weight Kit – for use with Linear Abraser weight support, mounts directly on spline shaft
132710 Precision Weight Post – for use with Linear Abraser weight support (35g min)
133554 Weight Support (72g) – standard for 350g base load on 10mm x 300mm steel spline shaft
133556 Weight Support (167g) – standard for 350g base load on 10mm x 300mm aluminium spline shaft
130855 Spline Kit – 10mm diameter x 300mm steel (180g)
132190 Spline Kit – 10mm diameter x 300mm aluminium (85g)
132280 Spline Kit – 10mm diameter x 150mm steel (43g)
131877 Multi- Head Attachment (includes dual load arm, 2nd aluminium spline shaft and Stainless Steel Wearaser® Collet Kit) 
131877-1 Multi- Head Attachment (includes dual load arm, 2nd steel spline shaft and Stainless Steel Wearaser® Collet Kit)
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