Rainbow Thickness Tester

The Rainbow digital micrometer is simple and reliable thickness guage available in a range of specifications to meet various international test standards. Digital display.

Rainbow Thickness Tester

This simple and reliable thickness tester measures the thickness of paper, cardboard, plastic films etc and is available with or without a motor.


  • Unique levels of accuracy, reliability, stability and simple handling
  • Calibration certificate included for the following properties:
    • parallelism of lower plate and measuring foot
    • foot surface
    • dead weight
  • CE-certified


  • Various pressures and foot dimensions available on request
  • Electromechanical type, lowering rate 2.0 mm/s, operation via foot switch

ISO 534, 3034, EN 20534, SCAN P7, P31, DIN 53105, 53353

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