ProGage Micrometer

Microprocessor controlled, motorised thickness gauge available in a range of specifications to meet international test standards. Manufactured by Thwing Albert this digital micrometer uses state of the art measuring technology for high accuracy. Includes full statistics and profiling capability as standard.

ProGage Micrometer

The ProGageTM Micrometer uses advanced technology to measure quickly and accurately the thickness of sheeted material, such as paper, films, tissue and towelling, non-wovens and textiles.

The instrument has a dual speed pressure foot, and can perform up to 20 test cycles per minute while maintaining a high degree of accuracy. The anvil design ensures excellent parallelism, zero stability and calibration. The wide range of presets for selecting the measuring speed distance and the pressure foot speed, in conjunction with a selection of pressure feet diameters and weights, enable the unit to be configured to several test standards.

The ProGageTM Micrometer can operate in conjunction with other instruments or be controlled remotely through a computer terminal. It is capable of continuous or single testing and statistical analysis, including average, high, low and standard deviation, which is performed automatically with the results being either displayed or printed.

Industry Standards – see list below related to substrates

• Remote control via computer terminal • Dual speed pressure foot to ensure a rapid test cycle
• Zero calibration and stability • Excellent parallelism
• Thumbscrew access for easy maintenance . . . • Push button measurement conversion – mils, microns, millimetres, inches
• Digital display and push button operation • Motorised automatic cycling
• Interchangeable pressure feet available • Memory and graphic reporting capability


  • Magnetic augmenting weights – to enable measurements to be made under different foot pressures without changing the measurement foot
  • Sample feeder – an automatic strip feeder is available for cross-reel profiling and roll or strip feeding. Settings range from 0.1 in (2.5 mm) to 19.9 in (505 mm)
  • Dot matrix serial printer – formatted reports can be printed on demand, showing test results, a statistical analysis for a group of tests and a profile graph
  • Foot switch – the foot actuated control enables test to be started with one press of the foot, leaving hands free for inserting test samples
  • Data acquisition software (DAS) – a Windows ® -based software package that enables data to be collected and additional statistical analysis. DAS enables real time results to be plotted against defined limits, semi-custom reports to be generated and test data to be exported to other spreadsheet packages for further management

Performance data

Measuring range 1000 µm 2500 µm 5000 µm 12700 µm
Dwell time 2 s 2 s 2 s 2 s
Accuracy & parallelism ± 0.001mm ± 0.0012mm ± 0.0054mm ± 0.013mm
Display resolution 0.001mm-0.1 µm 0.001mm-0.1 µm 0.005mm-0.5 µm 0.01mm-1 µm


Measurement speed distance Range from 0.005 in (0.012 mm) to 0.5 in (12.7 mm) Dwell time: 0.0-9.9 s Pressure foot speed 15 presets available between 0.026 in/s (0.66 mm/s) and 0.416 in/s (10.566 mm/s)
Power requirements 110 V, 50/60 Hz; 220/240 V, 50 Hz Pressure foot size 0.19 in (4.83 mm) to 2.2 in (56 mm)
Power consumption Operating maximum 18 W, Standby maximum 12 W


Standards Aluminium Foil – BS 3983 Artificial Leather – DIN 53353 Corrugated Board – ISO 3034; BS 4817
Non-wovens – EDANA ERT30.4-89 Textiles – ASTM D1777 Polymer Film – ISO 4593
Paper – ISO 534; EN 20534; SCAN P7; DIN 53105; TAPPI T-411; CPPA D.4 Tissue – CEN 12625-3

 Physical specifications

  • Dimensions: 25.5 x 30.5 x 32 cm (W x L x H)       • Net weight: 23.5 kg

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