Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus Gas Mixer – Input Pressure 2.1-10.0 Bar

The revolutionary Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus uses an entirely new mixing principle that gives high levels of mix accuracy even at low inlet pressures (2-10 bar). One mixer suitable for both flow & buffer tank applications and with 30 – 1,500 L/min. range. Monitors & displays current gas flow, gas consumption over time and gas mix. Intuitive touch screen for set-up & operation. Can be fully integrated with new Dansensor MAP Check 3.

Dansensor® MAP Mix Provectus Gas Mixer – Input Pressure 2.1-10.0 Bar

The revolutionary Dansensor® MAP Mix Provectus uses an entirely new operating principle to advance the accuracy, operation and appearance of the gas mixer. Simple to use, highly reliable and rich in data, this mixer gives vital feedback on information such as current gas flow, total gas consumption and actual gas mix at any time.

Operation decisions are simple – do you need to mix two or three gasses? Everything else gets set up on the intuitive touch screen when the unit is powered up for the first time. Small in size, the Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus delivers an outstanding flow of up to 1,500 l/min – and if that’s not enough, up to three mixers can be bridged to triple the capacity.

The Dansensor® MAP Mix Provectus replaces the MAP Mix 8000 + high capacity MAP Mix 9001 and when the MAP Mix Provectus is combined with the MAP Check 3 they together supersede the TGC-2.


  • Mixes oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide
  • Also able to mix argon
  • Expand mixing capacity without having to change mixers – tandem  an extremely small mixer with a large 1500L/min capacity
  • Gives a high level of flexibility  – the same mixer can be used on both buffer tank & flow packaging machines
  • Avoids issues caused by low & fluctuating gas input pressures – the quality of gas mix is independent of input pressures
  • Constant data logging of consumption, date, time and gas mix for accurate and better control of the packaging process and to cut expensive waste
  • Connectivity & traceability of gas mix & consumption data via data ports
  • Very low pressure drop over the mixer, making it suitable for working with nitrogen and oxygen generators
  • USB, ethernet (LAN), RS232, Modbus TCP connections for data logging and control


  • Intuitive touch screen for easy set-up and operation
  • Meets traceability requirements by storing accurate information about current gas flow consumption over time and gas mix
  • Integrates fully with the MAP Check 3 gas analyser for ultimate effectiveness
  • Helps reduce gas cos on flow packaging machines when used in combination with MAP Check 3

Technical Specification

General Standard Features
Mixer configurations 2-gas or 3-gas models available, with LCD display or as “Black Box” without display
Connections 2 x RS232C, LAN 10/100 Mbit (Modbus TCP), current or voltage output, 24 VDC logic
Power supply 103-132 / 207-264 VAC (autoranging), 47-63 Hz, 24 VDC models available
Mixer parameters
Gas media Any mix of dry oxygen, carbon dioxide, or nitrogen (0°C to +50°C gas temperature)
Gas inlet pressure 2 – 10 bar, depending on back pressure and flow
Pressure drop Example: 1 bar at 10 bar input pressure
Gas flow per gas string 6 – 500 l/min
Output gas flow Total output flow up to: 1000 l/min (2-gas) and 1500 l/min (3-gas) depending on mixture setting
Mixer settings Range 0%, 2% – 100%
Mixer accuracy +/- 2% absolute in flow ranges above 50 l/min total output flow
Flow measuring Total and daily consumption
Operating modes Buffer of flow configuration, selectable in software and by installation
Protection kit IP45 protection
Mix 2-gas 3-gas
Typical mix 1 N2 80% + CO2 20% flow range: 30 – 625 l/min N2 70% + CO2 20% + O2 10% flow range 60 – 714 l/min
Typical mix 2 N2 60% + CO2 40% flow range: 15 – 833 l/min N2 70% + CO2 28% + O2 2% flow range 300 – 714 l/min
Worse case N2 98% + CO2 2% flow range: 300 – 509 l/min N2 88% + CO2 10% + O2 2% flow range 300 – 568 l/min
Best case mix N2 50% + CO2 50% flow range: 12 – 1000 l/min N2 34% + CO2 330% + O2 33% flow range 18 – 1470 l/min


Buffer Tank
The Dansensor stainless steel buffer tank is an option for the MAP Mix Provectus
and MAP Mix 9001 gas mixers.

  • Can be combined with two, or more, buffer tanks to achieve a higher performance.
  • Each tank has a volume of 15 litres and a maximum pressure of 10 bar.
  • Can be either floor or  wall mounted.

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