Dansensor LeakPointer II Benchtop Leak Detector

An off-line leak detection system, now with a new optical sensor, for the seal integrity testing of individual packs, or small groups of packs. Using CO2 as a trace gas for CO2 containing MAP packs. Detects micro-leaks from poor sealing, food entrapment, or pinholes in the packaging film. Very effective for detecting micro-leaks.

Dansensor LeakPointer II – Off-line Benchtop Non-destructive Leak Detector

  • Very sensitive optical sensor
  • Highly effective for detecting micro- leaks.
  • Fast paybacks on investment through the fast identification of leaking packs leading to the optimization of the packaging process
  • Reduce waste, reduce returns, reduce rework and reduce loss of machine time.

The Dansensor® LeakPointer II is a compact off-line leak system, with a new optical sensor, that offers the possibility of monitoring individual packs or small groups of packs. By using the CO2 MAP gas as a trace gas, it is possible to test packages shortly after being produced. The resultant real time information enables the optimization of the packaging process to progressive improve overall packaging performance.

This test method is non-destructive and it is possible to test a pack, or a number of packs at one time. The package is placed inside the Dansensor® LeakPointer II test chamber,  where a user-defined vacuum is created, to establish a pressure difference between the inside of the package and the test chamber causing CO2 from the package to enter the test chamber through even the smallest leak.

A highly sensitive sensor measures all changes in the CO2 content and will detect even micro leaks. When a leaking pack is detected, the user is altered by a visual & audible alarm. Test results are stored for subsequent export / download.

Benefits of the Dansensor® LeakPointer II:

  • Test information for the optimization of the packaging process
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination (compared to traditional water bath)
  • Testing is operator independent
  • Detects package leaks
  • Quality control of seal integrity to ensure product shelf life
  • Minimizes the risk of expensive product recalls due to leaking packages
  • Discover mechanical packaging machine errors instantly

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NEW: Optical sensor NEW: No heating time
Data logging & export of test data Product programs can be selected via bar code
Fast testing cycle (< 30 sec) Easy operation via touch screen
3-year CO2 sensor warranty Compact – supplied with trolley
Ideal for both laboratory and production area Full commissioning, set up and training given as standard
Variety of post-installation technical support packages
Technical Specifications
Available Configurations Dansensor® LeakPointer II Dansensor® LeakPointer II E2
Package Types Flexible and non-flexible packages.
Individual packages or complete shipping crates
Flexible and non-flexible packages.
Individual packages or complete shipping crates
Max product size ((DxHxW) 400 x 500 x 115 mm or
230 x 330 x 190 mm due to bubble lid
545 x 650 x 150 mm or
410 x 630 x 210 mm due to bubble lid
270 x 500 x 270 mm due to bubble lid
(Fits E2 standard crate)
Power supply 230 VAC 400 VAC
Dimensions & weight 730 x 620 x 460 mm (DxWxH); 75 Kg 815 x 1030 x 1050 (DxWxH); 173 Kg
Common Technical Specifications
Sensor type Optical sensor
Start-up time After power on or standby: 1 minute
Test pressure Down to 200 mbar absolute
Number of test programs 500
Connections 2 x RS232 for printer; PC connection and bar code scanner
Compliance CE

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Case Study
MAP Case Study from Belgium Olive Packer
A high-grade olive packaging company opts for MAP solutions for quality control – including the Dansensor Leakpointer

LeakMatic leak detector system helps major UK cheese producer – Wyke Farms

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