JDC Precision Sample Cutters

The JDC Cutters are a large range of high precision, twin bladed cutters of fixed width from 1/8th inch - 75mm and up to 40cm long. Suitable as a textile, non woven, film, metal foil, paper, paperboard and tissue cutter. Manufactured by Thwing Albert.

The JDC Cutter is recognised as the worldwide industry standard cutter for material testing sample preparation for paper, paperboard, tissue, non-wovens, plastics, metal foils and other sheet materials.

JDC Sample Cutter_11

Automatic hold down to ensure cut accuracy

Test strips are cut to an exact width and are parallel throughout the entire length. The dual blade cutting action and precision ground base shear ensure that samples have clean edges that are free from nicks and uncut or pulled fibres.

Supplied complete with safety shields and sample platform.

The JDC is a portable cutter, but can be fixed via a heavy cast iron base. The cutting blades are made of special tool steel, which has been stress relieved by cycling between cold and hot temperatures to prevent the blades from warping.

A blade & base shear reconditioning service is available to extend the life of the cutter.


  • Precision cutting action
  • Automatic hold down to prevent buckling
  • Available in three cutting lengths and a large range of cutting widths
  • A range of Metric or Imperial sample cutting widths available
  • Both sides of the sample cut at once, ensuring parallel sides
  • Quality construction design for many years of use
  • Easy and quick to operate
  • Robust safety shields


  • Certificates of conformity
  • Special cutting widths available on request
  • Performance data
  • Parallelism tolerance ± 0.0254 mm

Physical specifications

Support platform
The guide bars attached to the support platform enable sample materials to be aligned and ensure that parallel and/or perpendicular samples are always obtained.

Sample cutting specification
Cutting width between 3 and 76 mm
Standard cutting widths 15, 25 and 50 mm or 1, 2 and 3 inch
Standard cutting length 254, 305 or 406 mm

Dimensions: 15 x 56-61 x 38-56 cm (W x D x H) – depth and height vary according to selected cutting width

Net weight: 10.5-45.0 kgs

Meets the requirements of ASTM, ISO, Pressure Sensitive Tape Council, TAPPI and any test method requiring an accurate test strip.

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