Jakro Mill – Laboratory Pulp Beater

For use in pulp and paper mill.Laboratory pulp beater consisting of six chambers. Each chamber has a refining capacity of 16g of pulp at 6% consistency.

Laboratory beater widely used for the laboratory preparation of pulps in both QC and Research laboratories in the pulp & paper industries.

Consisting of six sets of beating units that are mounted in a horizontal revolving table. Rotates around a central shaft to ensure consistent homogenous beating of samples.

Standards – Complies with DIN 54360.

Each set of beating units consists of a beating box, a grooved roller and lid. All are made of bronze and are capable of refining up to 16g of pulp at a consistence of 6%

The mill can operate simultaneously with 2 or 3 or 4 or 6 sets of beating units. Delivered with 7 sets of beating units to optimise the operation of 6 sets.

An in built digital control panel displays the number of rotations, has a programmable timer ( up to 999 min ) and has an automatic shut-off. Has a automatic soft start when high torque start & high speed operation is selected   – even when fully loaded.

Electrical supply: 220 VCA / 60Hz / 1.1kW, 3Ph.

Instrument Dimensions: 110cm (W) x 90cm (L) x 90cm (H).

Nett Weight: 475kgs.

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