ISM-3 Oxygen Gas Analysers

The Dansensor range of oxygen indicators for both portable and on-line industrial applications. Measuring ranges from 1ppm upwards. The oxygen sensors are developed and produced by the Dansensor product team and are available as stand alone sensor for OEM use. Also available in a range of oxygen meters for precision welding and in monitoring equipment for industrial applications

The Industrial Sensor Module (ISM-3) measures oxygen in inert gases and CO2 and targets applications like nitrogen generators.

ISM-3 is a digitally controlled analyser, featuring user programmable gas alarms and complete self-diagnostics with system alarms. An extremely versatile analyser with very low maintenance requirements and high reliability.

ISM-3i features separate sensor and display boxes with user interface for easy panel mounting. This allows for mounting of the small display unit where convenient and the sensor unit can be placed out of the way or as close as possible to the point of gas sampling.

ISM-3 is available in the following versions:

  • ISM-3i: Version with separate panel mount display
  • ISM-3x: Stand alone version/version with integrated display

Benefits / features

• High reliability and accuracy – better than +/-1% of reading • 2 oxygen concentration alarms
• Low maintenance • Different positioning options for adjustment to the field of the analyser applications
• Large measuring range – 1ppm – 100%, with automatic range selection • Sample gas supply by gas pressure or internal pump (specific instrument versions)
• Self diagnostics – monitoring of vital parameters with alarm output

Optional features

  • Current output signal 0/4 – 20 mA
  • Voltage output signal 0/2 – 10 Volt
  • Built-in sample pump

Technical specifications – Sensor

O2   sensor: Ceramic, solid state sensor Operation temperature: 727 °C
Calibration intervals: 12 months Calibration points: Atmospheric air plus 4 optional points, 1ppm – 100% O2
Reference gas: Atmospheric air Current output: 0/4-20 mA or (optional) 0/2-10 V Scale defined by operator, i.e. 0-1%, 0-100 ppm
Sensor response time: 50 msecs. Accuracy: Better than +/-1% of displayed value in calibrated range, +/- 1 digit
System response time: T99 < 5 secs. From 100 ppm to 1000 ppm Sample gas supply: Available in different pressure ranges from 2 – 10 bar; pump version also available
Sensor flow: 125 ml/min. User programming: Menu operated for setting up and diagnosis
Sample gas flow sensor: Monitors correct gas flow through sensor Display: 4 digit, red LED display
Keyboard: 4 front keys Self-diagnostics: Monitoring vital system parameters
Alarm output: Max. 48 V, 1 A (Common, N.O. or N.C.) Alarms: Two O2 concentration alarm settings, system fault alarm (bad gas flow, sensor error, etc.)
Power: 230 VAC (115 VAC) +/- 10%, 50 – 60 Hz Signal input: 10 – 32 VDC external measuring control signal. Consumption 10 mA for Start/Stop of the analyser
Consumption: Max. 70 VA Fuses: 0.63 AT for 230 VAC (1.6 AT for 115 VAC)
Storage:-20 °C to + 45 °C, less than 75% RH Size ISM-3i: Cabinet: 125 x 185 x 125 mm (H x W x D) Display: 96 x 96 x 20 mm (H x W x D) 3 mm bezel for panel mounting
Weight: ISM-3i: 3.7 kg Size ISM-3x: 125 X 185 x 160 mm (H x W x D)4 mm bracket for mounting
Weight ISM-3x: 3.8 kg Cabinet & display: Stainless steel, foil front plate. Mounting bracket for sensor box and mounting bezel for display unit
Shipping consignment: Shipping crate, user guide, power cable, 1metre sample gas tube, stainless steel, ID: 1.0 mm, OD: 1/16″, swagelok & 1/8″ BSP T-fitting

The following are the different ISM-3 versions

PBI – No Type Pressure Pump Remote display Built-in display 230 VAC 115 VAC
980807 ISM-3x * * *
980998 ISM-3i * * *
220339 ISM-3x, Pump * * *
210163 ISM-3i, Pump * * *
200112 ISM-3x * * *
200109 ISM-3i * * *
220400 ISM-3x, Pump * * *
210165 ISM-3i, Pump * * *

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