IGT Amsterdam 5 Printability Tester

Top of the Amsterdam range - fully automated, multi-purpose printability tester with selectable time intervals between the successive prints from each of the 5 print stations. Uniquely simulating on press conditions. Capable of performing all the tests of the AIC2-5, GST-1 & GST-2.

The Amsterdam 5 is top of the Amsterdam range of multi-purpose printability testers. The Amsterdam 5 model has 5 printing stations. This enables the user to make a test print with a very short time interval between successive impressions – uniquely simulating on press conditions.

Through the use of the latest technology in motor control, it is possible to reach a very small time interval between successive prints, dampening and print, print and counter print or set-off prints. This makes possible a large range of new test methods, not previously possible.

The Amsterdam 5 is a fully automated tester with constant, increasing and combined speed modes. With that it is capable to perform all tests of the AIC2-5, GST-1 plus the tests of a GST-2. Additionally it is capable of doing on-line analysis of a number of tests with a camera based analysis system.

Only requires single phase 220V or 110V supply – no 3-phase or compressed air supply required, making installation easier and less expensive.


  • Prepare prints in accordance with different international and national standards for colour measurement, density measurement, gloss, mileage, coverage, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, flexibility, adhesion, ink transfer (in g/m²), light fastness, resistance to chemicals etc.
  • Testing printing quality, mottle (print, ink trap, water interference, halftone), picking, linting, set-off, striking through, loose and weakly bound paper particles, Heliotest, print penetration, IGT roughness, etc.
  • Can perform all tests described in the IGT W-Leaflets.


  • Can test small quantities of ink and substrate in conditions simulating actual practice
  • All parameters can individually be altered, independently from each other
  • Makes colour strips with various inks, letterpress, offset, gravure, flexo, conventional and UV
  • Makes prints on various substrates like paper, board, plastics, films, laminates
  • Prints can be used for numerous purposes, including measurement by camera of Heliotest missing dots, mottle, print, penetration, IGT roughness
  • Save on costs because fewer tests need to be made on a printing press
  • Simple to operate due to flexible software, on-screen instructions, pre-programmed test methods
  • Simple operation and fast learning curve trough integrated PC with touch-screen
  • Very reliable and sturdy construction for intensive use over a long period
  • Easy and quickly to clean
  • Camera for on-line scanning of test results (mottling, Heliotest, print penetration, IGT roughness)
  • Immediately assessment of test results after printing and scanning, no more sample handling
  • Transfer of test results to computer for future reference or further investigation
  • Printing form and impression cylinder can simple and quick be changed
  • High Repeatability and reproducibility
  • Printing force adjustable from 100 to 1000 N, steps of 1 N, preset values in conformance with the test methods can be fixed
  • Constant speed from 0,2-4 m/s step of 0,1 m/s
  • Accelerating speed from 0,5-4 /s end speed, step of 0,1 m/s, preset values in conformance with the test methods can be fixed
  • Combination of speeds can be programmed: constant-accelerated, constant with intervals
  • Suitable for one or two printing forms
  • Maximum printing width 50mm
  • All test methods are pre-programmed and used can easily add own test methods

User Advantages

  • The tiltable touchscreen makes it easier to operate the system for smaller people
  • Easy to operate, short training / learning period
  • User-independent testresults
  • Shorter intervals possible through shorter start & stop
  • On-site installation of new software, custom designed test or other analysis software
  • All printing discs of C-type can be used but not synchronized
  • No more handling of the sample between print and analysis
Technical Data Accessories
Electrical connection: 220 Vac / 50 -60 Hz Mottle (print, ink trap, halftone) Print penetration
Net weight: – ±75kg
Heliotest IGT roughness
Dimensions (HxWxD): 640 x 500 x 600 mm Damping Gravure
Flexo Toner adhesion
Related Standards
ISO 2834-1 Laboratory prints with paste inks ISO 3783 Pick testing UNI
ISO 2834-2 Laboratory prints with liquid inks ISO 2836 NEN
ISO 2846-1 Colour and transparency of paste inks ASTM Colour drawdown Tappi
ISO 2846-2 Colour and transparency of paste inks ISO 2846-3 Colour and transparency of paste inks

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