IGT Amsterdam 1 Printability Tester

Improve test repeatability with this fully automated printability tester, incorporating a built-in camera based analysis system. Single print position. Can be operated in both constant & increasing test speeds. Capable of performing all the tests possible on both IGT Global Standard Tester-P & IGT Global Standard Tester-3.

The IGT Printabilty Tester, Amsterdam 1 is a fully automated tester with settings for both constant and increasing speed. That encompases all of the tests of the IGT Global Standard Tester – P and IGT Global Standard Tester-3. It is also possible to carry out on-line analysis of mottling using a camera based analysis system.

Designed for tests on different substrates and inks in quality control settings and research. Its capabilities include:

  • being able to test small quantities of ink and substrate under simulated conditions of actual use
  • make colour prints with various inks on different substrates
  • save costs from fewer tests needing to be carried out on press


  • Measuring colour in colour matching systems and spectrophotometers
  • Visual assessment
  • Density measurements, including establishing colour and density tolerances
  • Determining coverage, wear resistance, abrasion resistance, flexibility, adhesion and gloss, ink transfer (g/m2) light fastness  and resistance to chemicals
  • Testing printing quality, mottle, picking, linting, set off, striking through, loose and weakly bound paper particles


  • Simple to operate – software, touchscreen, reliable, sturdy for intensive use over long periods, easy & quick to clean.
  • Camera for online screening of tests (mottling, Heliotest, print penetration) Images/results assessed immediately
  • Data can be transferred to PC.
  • Printing force continuously adjustable from 100 – 1000 N
  • Two speed types – both continuously adjustable. Constant Speed 0-4 m/s. Increasing speed 0-4 m/s
  • Maximum printing width 50mm
  • Printing form and impression cylinders quick and easy to change
  • Suitable for one printing form
  • Extremely good repeatability and reliability
  • Low running costs, complies with latest standards, supplied with instructions

Standard Tests

IGT Pick Test with aluminium printing disc, ISO 3783, TAPPI T514, SCAN P 63.90 Linting
Pick test with rubber printing disc Mottle
Toner adhesion (EN 12283) and IGT method Scumming
Prints for colour / density (ISO 2846-1, -2, -3, -5) Print through
Prints for chemical resistances (ISO 2836) Scuff
Print smoothness Half tone printing
Set-off, long term intervals Prints for gloss
Imaging and wipe-ability of carbon & carbonless paper Print penetration
Ink transfer and mileage IGT Roughness
Absorption of rubber blankets

 Technical Data

Printing speed:
• Constant 0-4 m/s
• Increasing 0-4 m/s
Printing force 100 – 1000 N
Adjustable interval time
3-30 sec between 2 revolutions
Number of printing discs: 1
Complies with EC directives Inking & printing unit on separate devices
Simple operation Reliable
Low initial cost Processes many inks & substrates
Weight: 75 kg Height: 640mm
Width: 500mm Depth: 600
200Vac / 50-60 Hz / 2500 VA

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