Horizontal Tensile Tester

Universal testing machine specifically designed to ensure easy tensile testing of wet tissue ( according to ISO 3781 ) and to make high volume tensile testing easier. Auto-detection of sample, pneumatic grips and 25mm wide grips are standard. Measures and displays tensile strength, elongation and tensile energy absorption.

Horizontal Tensile Tester

Ergonomically easier to use than the conventional vertical Tensile Tester; the Horizontal Tensile Tester is capable of measuring tensile strength and elongation of sheet materials and calculating their TEA ( Tensile Energy Absorption ).

Ideally for testing wet tensile strength of tissue and towelling products in addition to dry sample testing.

Complies with ISO 3781, ISO 1924-2, ISO 1924-3, Tappi T 494

Easy to use menu-driven software plus automatic sample detection in the grips and pneumatic clamping grips gives for both accurate and repeatable test results.

Selectable testing units and complete statistics at the end of a test series. Test report includes: operator ID, real date & time, all test results and complete statistical analysis.

Has a parallel port for printing out results and RS232 port for data transfer.

Performance Data:

  • Measuring range: 0 – 500N
  • Precision: 0.1N
  • Test Length: 100-180mm (selectable)
  • Test Speed: 0-100mm/min
  • Choice of load units: N, Pa, kgf, kgf/sqcm
  • Rupture level: 20 – 100%

Services Required: 220V/1Ph/50/60Hz, 200W, Compressed air: 6 bar, clean & dry

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