IGT G1 Gravure Proofer – G1-5, G1-7

Dedicated Gravure proofer from IGT. Selectable printing conditions and a large selection of anilox rollers for a range of ink film thickness. Easy and repeatable proofing of gravure printing inks to give a consistent ink film thickness. Quick and easy to clean.

Specially designed for computerised colour measuring and colour matching systems, they are simple to operate, reliable and sturdily built for intensive use over a long period. The G1-5 and G1-7 offer excellent reproducibility and are easy and quick to clean. IGT consumables available.

Video of IGT Gravure Proofer G1-5 Applications
The G1-5 and G1-7 testers can print on a variety of coated and uncoated materials including paper, board, plastic film, cellophane, laminate, labels and textiles. They are used regularly in the printing ink, paper and board, printing, plastics, packaging, corrugated board and labelling, resin, lacquer and coatings industries.


  • A range of printing discs available with different designs
  • Two printing widths (G1 50 mm, G1-7 70 mm)
  • Substrates of up to 4 mm can be printed
  • Adjustable printing speeds and printing force

The G1-5 and G 1-7 printability testers consist of an exchangeable engraved printing disc, a doctor blade and an impression cylinder. Ink is applied with a disposable pipette between the doctor blade and the printing disc and after the image is printed, the doctor blade and the printing disc are lifted automatically.

The printing speed can be adjusted in five steps and two consecutive prints are made automatically. The second print is the one used for evaluation as it is the most consistent.

Technical data

Making a print

  • Printing speed 0.2-1.0 m/s, adjustable in five steps
  • Printing force 100-1000 N in 19 steps
  • Printing form automatically brought under pressure, printed and lifted
  • Doctor blade automatically placed against printing form and lifted
  • Maximum substrate thickness 4 mm
Printing discs – A range of printing discs is available with different designs:

  • single engraving over the full surface
  • four different volumes in one print
  • a combination of different volumes in
    rectangular blocks
  • a 5-100% wedge

Applying ink

Printing width:

  • G1-5 50 mm
  • G1-7 70 mm
  • Printing length 2 x 200 mm (approximately)
  • Screen ruling 40-80 l/cm (100-200 l/in)
  • Volume 4-28 ml/m2
Doctor blade

  • Angle 60°, trailing
  • Pressure 6-7 N
Physical specifications

  • Weight – 35 kg
  • Dimensions – 650 x 400 x 300 mm (W x D x H)
Power requirements

  • 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz
Consumables:  Substrate Carriers

To place an order, or for more information, please contact our sales team on 01223 492081 or via sales@tendringpacific.com