Domas Imaging System

DOMAS imaging system can be either camera or scanner based. By selecting from a number of available modules, it will count dirt and stickies in recycled paper, bleed / wicking of inkjet printed paper and print unevenness of offset printing.

Either camera or scanner based, the DOMAS system has number of different modules available. It will count dirt and stickies in recycled paper, bleed / wicking of inkjet printed paper and print unevenness of offset printing.

A comprehensive range of software modules for use in the paper/print industries for analysing:-

Dirt specs Heliotes Stickies
Missing dots Blackening Coat thickness analysis
Z-distribution of filler Bleeding and Wicking Filler analysis on paper surface
Sheet formation Analysis of paper structures Analysis of pin holes
Print unevenness

In Laboratory Account mode of the DOMAS System enables users to operate the system more or less intuitively and is intended for routine operation. Switch to the Administrator Account to adapt the start dialog box to your specific conditions, i.e. to select the desired Modules. Click on the property ‘module to be run’ and select the parameter set which contains the necessary information on image acquisition and analysis.

Data Export and handling
After you have defined the parameters to be exported (e.g. worksheet, sample designation) analysis proceeds and the data is exported to EXCEL 2000 for further processing. When the start dialog box reappears you may start the next measuring cycle.

Image acquisition
DOMAS offers a modular image source box. The DOMAS software supports the user of a scanner (TWAIN Standard) and of a video camera.

The Administrator defines the scan parameters as required for the measuring task and saves them in scannersets (*scn). If the scanner is being used as the image source, the scanner set must be selected in the image source part. If you are using a camera, the system has to be calibrated for the imaging geometry concerned (e.g. macroscopic viewer, stereo microscope, incident/transmitted light microscope).

When you open the image source ‘camera’ you will be requested for calibration. Besides processing single images, the system enables a scanner series or camera series to be analysed. For the scanner series, the associated scanner sets will be required.

For analysing camera series, you need to have a PC controlled sample transport device (XY table, paper rewinder). The system provides the additional option to select an active ROI (region of interest) within an acquired image.

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