Dansensor LeakProtego In-line Single Package Leak Testing System

For the In-line leak detection of individual packs of gas flushed product, in a modular system that allows testing capacity to be matched to production capability. A new concept based upon 25 years of experience using carbon dioxide as trace gas for detecting leaks.

Dansensor LeakProtego In-line Single Package Leak Testing System

For years, customers have been demanding a system to test gas flushed packages individually and reject leaking packs before leaving the factory. The modular Dansensor LeakProtego concept has been designed to identify individual leaking packages immediately after leaving the packaging machine and before being packed into transit cases or trays.

Rigorous, In-line Inspection
The Dansensor LeakProtego gives the user consistent & rigorous, in line inspection and helps to reduce the risk of recalls & customer complaints. The Dansensor LeakProtego helps the user to do “ all that is feasibly possible” to deliver product that is compliant with retail customer specifications and to have the test data available at audit time.

For those companies who are producing gas flushed product – ensuring that their product does not leak has been a key concern for years – we can now supply a system that can identify those packs with inadequate seal integrity & reject them before they leave the packing hall.

Test micro leaks down to 50 µm
The new concept Dansensor LeakProtego is probably the only leak system in the world with a capability to test micro leaks down to 50 µm in individual packs at a speeds that matches the majority of packaging machines producing modified atmosphere packages. The system uses a sensing system (patent pending) to detect traces of CO2 escaping through leaks in the package and thus identifying micro leaks.

Tests up to 12 Packages Per Minute
The Dansensor LeakProtego is a modular system where each module is designed to test up to 12 packages per minute. A number of modules can be combined together to ensure the leak testing capacity matches the packaging machine production speed.

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