Crush Tester

Comprehensive yet easy to use testing machine for the testing of corrugated board and it's components. Maximum load 5kN. Wide range of fixtures available for performing the FCT, ECT, RCT, CLT, CCT and CMT.

The Crush Tester determines the compression strength of corrugated board, its components and small packages for quality control and R&D. Used as a stand-alone unit, the Crush Tester is operated through an intuitive menu. Data can be viewed directly on the LCD or transferred to a local printer or host PC (through parallel or serial output).


  • Lightweight cast aluminium body
  • Easy operation through built-in testing software, alphanumeric back-lit display and membrane keyboard
  • Standard results: peak force (N, kgf and lbf), specific test results and statistical analysis for
    • PAT – Pin Adhesion Test Assembly
    • ECT – Edge Crush Test Assembly
    • SCT – Short Column Test Assembly
    • FCT – Flat Crush Test
    • RCT – Ring Crush Test Installation
    • CCT – Corrugated Crush Test Assembly
    • CMT – Concora Medium Test
  • High-precision HBM load cell
  • Heavy-duty step motor
  • Star accurate ball screw
  • Includes individual testing software for PAT, FCT, ECT, RCT, CLT, CCT and CMT

Pin Adhesion Test Assembly

Edge Crush Test Assembly

Ring Crush Test Installation

Corrugated Crush Test Assembly


Options Accessories for Crush Tester
Accessories for sample preparation CAP-21 Pneumatic sample cutter for ECT, SCT
FCT Circular cutter for FCT ODC/A Concora corrugator for CMT and CLT
JDC 15 Sample cutter for RCT, CMT and CCT NC-21 Sample cutter for ECT using neckdown
Performance data Measuring range 0-4 kN
Precision 1 N Opening range 5-80 mm
Test speed range 10-40 mm/min Power supply 220 V, 50/60 Hz, single phase
Power consumption 200 W Return speed of plate 250 mm/min
Physical specifications
Net weight 45 kg Overall dimensions – 32 x 32 x 56 cm (W x D x H)
Testing plates – Sturdy steel nickel-plated testing   plates – Dimensions 120 x 120 mm
Standards CCT – TAPPI T-824, SCAN P42
PAT – TAPPI T-821 ECT – TAPPI T-811, T-823, T-838, DIN 53149, EN ISO 3037
CMT – TAPPI T-809, DIN 53143, EN ISO 7263, NF Q 03-044 SCT – TAPPI T-811, ISO 3037
FCT – TAPPI T-808, EN   23035, NF Q 03-033, FEFCO No. 6 RCT – TAPPI T-818, T-822, DIN     53143

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