CheckMate 3 O2, O2/CO2 Headspace Gas Analyser

A flexible, fast and accurate instrument for testing gas-flushed packages quickly and cost-effectively Essential for high volume brand-name manufacturing. Traceability data can be stored in the unit, printed remotely or transferred either to the Dansensor CheckMate 3, or third-party software on a PC.

Dansensor CheckMate 3 O2, O2/CO2 Headspace Gas Analyser

The Dansensor CheckMate 3 is flexible, fast and accurate, enabling gas-flushed packages to be tested quickly and cost-effectively – an absolute necessity for high volume brand-name manufacturing. Operators can tell at a glance if gas composition is within the required levels. It also provides essential traceability providing data about each and every package that can be stored in the unit itself or transferred either to the Dansensor CheckMate 3 PC Software
or third-party software.

The Dansensor CheckMate 3 can be adapted to virtually any quality control system enabling it to be used with a variety
of different products with differing testing requirements.

Benefits Features
  • Saves staff time and paperwork with automatic data logging
  • Easy transfer of quality control data to CheckMate or third-party software
  • Reliable quality control of gas flushed products
  • Easy operation – minimum of training required
  • Low maintenance – 12 months between each calibration
  • Large easy to read 5″ colour display with touch function
  • Available for either oxygen (O2) or combined oxygen/carbon dioxide (O2/CO2) measurement
  • Very small sample volume requirement (from 3 ml)
  • Data transfer via ethernet, USB and RS232
  • Flexible configuration of test scheme, e.g. logging of operator name, batch number, product line, etc.
  • USB connection for external keyboard and bar code scanner
  • Optional built-in printer

Link to CheckMate 3 video

CheckMate 3 Video

How it Does It
  1. Identify the correct product using the product bar code or by selecting it manually on the CheckMate 3.
  2. Program selection ensures that the correct test parameters are set and the right user defined questions
    about operator name, batch number etc are asked.
  3. Insert the syringe through the septum and into the package.
  4. After insertion the CheckMate 3 can either start the test automatically, or manually at the touch of a button.
  5. During the test process a small gas sample is drawn into the analyser.
  6. The result appears immediately on the display, giving the operator an instant indication of a passed or failed result.
  7. Test data can then either be sent to a central database, stored in the unit or printed on the optional printer.

Technical Specifications

Configuration O2 (Zirconia) O2 & CO2 (Zirconia / dual wave infrared) O2 (Electrochemical) O2 & CO2 (Electrochemical / dual wave infrared)
Key Features Our fastest and most accurate O2 sensor Our fastest and most accurate O2 sensor with a full scale temperature compensated CO2 sensor The electrochemical sensor is not cross sensitive to alcohol or CO. Expected sensor lifetime is 2 years in the air The combined O2/ CO2 electrochemical analyser features a unique compensation for both temperature and cross sensitivity to CO2 in the O2 reading
Sample Volume 3ml 6ml 5ml 6ml
Sample Time 5 seconds 10 seconds 7 seconds 10 seconds
Measuring Range 0-100% 0-100% 0-100% 0-100%
Resolution O2:0.001% O2:0.001% CO2:0.1% O2:0.1% CO2:0.1% O2:0.1% CO2:0.1%
Sensor accuracy at 1% O2 and 20% CO2 ±0.01% O2 ±0.01% O2
± 0.8% CO2
Better than ±0.3% O2 Better than ±0.25% O2 and ± 0.8% CO2
Heating Time 10 min 10 min 1 min 10 min
Dimensions and weight 180 x 315 x 220 mm (H x W x D) 3.7 kg
Power Supply 100 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Options Built-in printer, CheckMate PC Software, SmartPen – retractable syringe, Can Piercer for testing cans and wine bottles, Bar Code Scanner, Standard Consumable Kit (Part No 280241)
Connections USB, Ethernet (RJ45), RS232 (DB9)
Third party software compatibility Mettler-Toledo, Sartorius ProControl (WinSPC), OCS ComScale NT, Microsoft SQL database Bizerba_statistics.BRAIN

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