Bekk Smoothness Tester

Bekk tester measures the smoothness of paper, or film. Ideal for testing smooth sheets intended for quality printing. Complies with ISO 5627. Has 3 volume test ranges 1/10, 1, 10V to enable the instrument to be used on a wide range of differing samples of different surface roughness. Statistical analysis and RS232 data output.

This unit measures the smoothness of surfaces, such as printing papers or foils, in accordance with the Bekk method. The GPR 3 uses new technology to control electronically the air volume used and give much shorter testing times.

The chamber is located below, and is directly connected to, the polished glass plate so that no valves are used. A weight of exactly 10 kg loads the sample with the required probe clamping pressure of 100 kPa via a rubber plate.

Compressed air is not needed as the vacuum is produced directly in the vacuum chamber. Sample clamping is achieved by an electromechanical unit lifting the measuring head against the loading weight.


  • Fast measuring with new Bekk specification performance
  • Three measuring ranges 1/10, 1 and 10 V
  • Easily accessible sampling point
  • Pressure and time indication on a large four-line display
  • Statistical analysis
  • Space-saving design
  • Automatic zero-setting and testing cycles
  • Automatic feed mechanism enables step-by-step measurements
  • Automatic measuring range adaptation
  • RS-232 output

Physical specifications

  • Dimensions – 54 x 46 x 43 cm (W x L x H)
  • Net weight – ± 30 kg

Performance data

  • Chamber volume: Standard chamber volume 1, 10 or 80 ml
  • Measuring range: Three measuring ranges 1/10, 1 and 10 V
  • Power supply – 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Air supply – No compressed air required

ISO 5627, DIN 53107, TAPPI T-479, Zellcheming V/23/73

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