Alfa Sample Cutter

The Alfa Die Cutter is available in three versions - two pneumatic and one electro-hydraulic. Operated with interchangeable cutting die boards for single or multiple specimen preparation. Suitable for cutting pulp and paper, tissue, non woven and textile. Manufactured by Thwing Albert.

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The Alfa Cutter range of sample cutters is available in three variants, which together with interchangeable cutting die boards makes this a very versatile choice for preparing test samples of sheet material. Suitable for cutting paper, pulp, tissue, textile, non-woven, leather, rubber.

The three Alfa Cutter variants are designed with their own specific maximum cutting pressure and maximum cut size.

The interchangeable steel rule die boards are made to your requirements; an individual die board can have a range of different sample sizes mounted on it – enabling you to prepare samples for a range of different tests simultaneously. Square, oblong, circular, dogbone sample dies can all be supplied.

The standard die board is steel ruled mounted on a hard wood board, if extra accuracy & durability is required then a forged steel die option is available. If the your testing requirements change, simply order a new die board with a different die configuration. Calibration certificates are available for each die board, if required.

All Alfa Cutters are designed with operator safety as an essential requirement and to produce a cut sample the two “Test” buttons must be activated simultaneously. This is a 2 handed operation.

Model 240-7B Pneumatic
Model 240-15B  Pneumatic
Model 240-10  Electro-Hydraulic
240-15B Pneumatic Alfa Sample Cutter2 Alfa-2
Air operated cutter quickly prepares test samples of tissue paper, plastics, fabrics, rubber, heavy papers, cardboard and foils. The 240-7B delivers 7 tons of cutting pressure at the touch of 2 buttons. The design of the 240-7B allows for the easy loading of dies, with a maximum sample size of 254mm x 254mm (10”x10”). Air operated cutter quickly prepares test samples of plastics, rubber, fabrics, gaskets, leather, paper stocks, etc. The 240-15B delivers 15 tons of cutting pres­sure at the touch of 2 buttons. The design of the 240-15B allows for the easy load­ing of dies, with a maximum sample size of 254mm x 559mm 10”x22”). Capable of exerting 68 bar (1000 PSI) from the hydraulic system. It is ideal for prepar­ing larger samples from heavier sheet materials. Dual test buttons are spaced to ensure maximum operator safety. The maximum sample size is 305mm x 305mm (12” x 12”)
Cutting Size Up to 254 mm x 254 mm Up to 254 mm x 559 mm Up to 305 mm x 305 mm
Net Weight 113 kg 236 kg 135 kg
Gross Weight 118 kg 254 kg 161 kg
Max Linear Length of Cutting Die 1219.2 mm 2438.4 mm 1219.2 mm
Overall Dimensions 305 mm x 330 mm x 483 mm 610 mm x 508 mm x 356 mm 736 mm x 394 mm x 584 mm
Instrument Air 5.5 – 7.5 bar (80 -110 psi ) (non-condensing air) 5.5 – 7.5 bar (80 -110 psi ) (non-condensing air) N/A
Air Connection 3/8” quick connect coupler 3/8” quick connect coupler N/A
Power N/A N/A 110/115 VAC ±10% @ 60 Hz220 VAC ±10% @ 50 Hz220 VAC ±10% @ 60 Hz

Alfa Dies

Available for many configurations to meet a variety of standards for sample preparation and are available with or without welded corners
• Geometric Samples (i.e. square or rectangle)   • Circular Samples   • Dog Bone or Dumbbell   • Custom Configurations (i.e. multiple samples)
Alfa-3 Alfa-4 Alfa-5

Optional Accessories

Heavy Duty Stand
This stand and table top surface lines up perfectly with the cutting deck which allows the user to slide the material in and out of the cutter with ease.
240-7B Table dimensions 32”W x 24” D x 35” H
240-15B Table dimensions 32”W x 48” D x 35” H
Steel Die Wear Plate
Recommended for thin materials, such as plastic fi lm, tissue, and thin papers.
The plate will be installed if ordered with a new 240-7B Cutter.
Alfa-6 Steel Die Wear Plate

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