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PulpWidest Range of Instruments
We ensure that we have access to the widest range of instruments from respected manufacturers around the world, so that we can supply you with the most appropriate equipment for your business.

The famous names we represent include Rycobel, Testing Machines Inc (TMI), Pulmac, Adirondack, Gurley, Taber, Avatron, PTS and IGT.

Meeting International Standards
We know how important it is for substrates to comply with agreed quality standards, which is why the majority of equipment tests with our instruments comply with international test standards ISO, Tappi, BS, DIN and are issued with calibration certificates that are traceable to national standards.

Reduce Costs and Avoid Waste
Avoid wasting energy and materials by reducing how much reprocessing you do and how much non-compliant material you send to landfill.

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paper Tissue Film
Foil Textiles Non Woven

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