Folding Cartons

Folding CartonVisual appearance, good running on automatic filling lines and the safe containment of the product are all vital features in the folding carton industry. A brand owner”s reputation can easily be damaged by poor print quality, or even a slightly incorrect print colour.

We have Gloss Meters; the full series of IGT ink proofers, including the C1 Offset and Letterpress Proofer IGT Simply Offset and Spectrodensitometers for the accurate ink colour matching of both litho and flexo inks.

For pre-printing we offer the Bekk Smoothness Tester and for post printing, wet and dry rub resistance is important and for which we have arrange of rub testers and abraders including the Digital Ink Rub Tester.

Carton board stiffness, flat carton opening force and side flap stiffness are all critical for ensuring that a batch of cartons runs satisfactorily on an automated filling line and our range of test equipment in this sector are widely used in the industry.

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ProGage Micrometer 121 300Rainbow Thickness Tester 300TMI49-37Dial Micrometer  300 Spencer Impact Attachment  300_Drop Dart Impact Tester Electric Incinerator Drying Oven
ProGage Micrometer Rainbow Thickness
Dial Micrometers
 Spencer Impact
Dart Impact Tester Electric Incinerator Drying Oven
Testometric Materials Testing Machine M100-1 CT  300x300 Universal Materials Tester 300TMI_84-76_Tensile_Tester  Internal_Bond_Tester  300Z3_Tensile_Tester 300_EJA_Vantage_Universal_Material_Tensile_Tester_Family 300Taber_Bending_Stiffness_Testers
 Testometric Materials
Testing Machine M100-1CT
Testometric Universal
Testing Machine M250
-2.5AT & -2.5CT
Tensile Tester Internal Bond Tester  T3 Tensile Tester EJA Vantage
Universal Material
Tensile Tester
Taber Bending
Stiffness Testers
300x300 BT-21 300Twin_Folding_Endurance_Tester 300Gurley Bending Stiffness Tester Friction Peel Tester 2260 Gurley Standard_Densometers Gurley Smoothness Tester and Densometer 300Vantage Compression Softness Tester
BT 21 Bursting
Strength Tester
(Mullen Type)
Twin Folding
Endurance Tester
Gurley 2 Point
Bending Stiffness Tester
FP-2260 Friction
& Peel Tester
Gurley Standard
Gurley 4340
Smoothness Tester
& Densometer
Vantage Compression
Softness Tester
300BekkSmoothness New image  300x300 Cobb  300Cobb Unger Tester 300Shaker Viramax  300Crush_Tester DynamicPenetrationTester 300Scorebend Opening Force
Bekk Smoothness
 Cobb Testers  Cobb Unger
 Shaker Vibramax
Crush Tester Dynamic Penetration
Scorebend Opening
Force Tester (PCA)
300Standard Pulp Blotters Global Standard Tester IGT Amsterdam 1 Printability Tester IGT Amsterdam 2 Printability Tester IGT Amsterdam 5 Printability Tester AIC2_5 IGT Consumables Button
Standard Pulp
IGT Global Standard
Tester Series
IGT Amsterdam 1
Printability Tester
IGT Amsterdam 2
Printability Tester
IGT Amsterdam 5
Printability Tester
IGT AIC2-5 T2000
Printability Tester
IGT Consumables
300Fi 300 IGT Heatset_Dryer IGT Simply_Offset IGT_Orange_Proofer IGT_High_Speed_Inking_Unit4 IGT_AE_Four_Inking _Unit G1
IGT F1 Flexo
& Gravure Proofer
IGT Heatset Dryer IGT Simply
IGT Orange Proofer
for Offset and
UV Flexo
IGT High Speed
Inking Unit 4
Inking Unit
IGT G1 Gravure
Proofer – G1-5
300C1 IGT_Orange_Proofer Quickpeek Colour Proofing Kit  Standard Paper Testing Waxes  Laboratory UV dryer 300MAP4LTE MAP 4 Software
IGT C1 Offset &
Letterpress Proofer
IGT Orange
Proofer X3 for
Offset & UV Flexo
 Quickpeek Colour
Proofing Kit
Standard Paper
Testing Waxes
UV Dryers
MAP 4 Software
300DAS Screen View  Domas Imaging System 57DHazemeter  X-Rite SP62 X-Rite eXact Gloss Meters Elrepho450x
Data Acquisition
Domas Imaging
57D Hazemeter SP62 Portal Sphere
X-Rite eXact
Gloss Meter Elrepho 450X
Color i7 Spectrophotometer 300Taber Abraser Sample Cutter 300x300 JDC Precision Sample Cutter  300 Alfa-1  Taber_Rotary_Platform_Abraser 300Sutherland rub tester
  Color i7
Taber Abraser
Sample Cutter
JDC Precision
Sample Cutters
Alfa Sample Cutter Taber Rotary
Platform Abraser
Rubproofness Tester

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