Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical & PharmaceuticalTo meet the essential needs of the medical device & pharmaceutical industries for verification & traceability, we offer a range of test equipment that is FDA protocol compliant and CFR2 Part 11 qualified.

Optionally, we can supply IQ/OQ/PQ for equipment supplied.

Pack integrity and ensuring the correct headspace gas are critical in these markets and amongst our solutions we have a wide range of instruments to help you achieve your determined standards.


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300CheckMate 3 300_CheckMate_3_PC_Software 300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300 MAP_Check_3_Vacuum OpTech 300_Lippke_4000_4500 X-Rite eXact
CheckMate 3
Gas Analyser
CheckMate 3
PC Software
MAP Check 3 Pressure
On-line Gas Analyser
MAP Check 3 Vacuum
Gas Analyser
Mocon OpTech

Platinum Gas Analyser
Lippke 4000/4500
Testing System
X-Rite eXact
Package Integrity

For more information
Please contact our sales team on 01223 492081 or via