Printing inksLitho, Grauvre, Flexo, Screen, Intaglio, Letterpress and Digital Inks are almost infinitely variable in their composition and in their behaviour on press. Getting it wrong can be very expensive and not an option when short deadlines have to be met.

Ink and substrate compatibility is critical. We offer range of testers, primarily from IGT, and strongly recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s service advice, and only use the correct and recommended consumables.

We only offer and supply genuine IGT manufactured consumables to support IGT Testing Equipment.

  • for check for picking, scumming, wet on wet printing, ink tack, missing dots
  • for digital inks – measuring contact angles dynamically during the printing process have proved very instructive and one of the few affordable ways of monitoring & comparing ink / substrate interactions
    – Dynamic Contact Angle TesterPGX+ Pocketgoniometer.
  • for monitoring inkjet print quality – scanner based systems such as the SpecPrint Analyser.

We offer spectrodensitometers to colour match with high levels of reliability and repeatability and a range of proofers for each of the different printing processes – primarily from the internationally respected market leader, IGT.

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300Precision Balance Cobb Unger Tester DynamicPenetrationTester 300 Amsterdam 1 300Amsterdam 5 300Amsterdam2 Global Standard Tester
Precision Balance Cobb Unger Tester Dynamic Penetration
IGT Amsterdam 1 IGT Amsterdam 5 IGT Amsterdam 2 IGT Global
Standard Tester
300C1 AIC2_5 IGT_Orange_Proofer IGT_Orange_Proofer 300Fi IGT Tack Tester G1
C1 Offset and
Letterpress Proofer
IGT AIC 2-5 Universal
Printability Tester
IGT Orange Proofer IGT Orange
Proofer X3
IGT F1 Flexo &
Proofer Series
IGT Tack Tester IGT G1
Gravure Proofer
IGT_AE_Four_Inking _Unit IGT_High_Speed_Inking_Unit4 IGT Consumables Button 300 IGT Heatset_Dryer IGT Simply_Offset A1-3 A2-3 IGT Tack Tester
Inking Unit
IGT High Speed
Inking Unit 4
IGT Consumables IGT Heatset Dryer IGT Simply Offet IGT A1-3 A2-3 IGT Tack Tester
Laboratory UV dryer   300-Inkometer  Standard Paper Testing Waxes  Quickpeek Colour Proofing Kit  57DHazemeter Domas Imaging System Gloss Meters
Laboratory UV
Electronic Inkometer Standard Paper
Testing Waxes
Quickpeek Colour
Proofing Kit
 57D Hazemeter Domas Imaging
Gloss Meter
Elrepho450x  X-Rite SP62  X-Rite eXact  IGT Cloudoscope  Color i7 Spectrophotometer 300Sutherland rub tester Taber_linear_abraser
 Elrepho 450X X-Rite SP62
Portal Sphere

 X-Rite eXact
IGT Cloudoscope Color i7
Rubproofness Tester Taber Linear
Taber_Rotary_Platform_Abraser  Taber Reciprocating Abrader  Taber Shear Scratch Tester  Taber Multi Finger Scratch Tester  300-Inkometer IGT Hydroscope 300_IGT_Tackoscope
Taber Rotary
 Taber Reciprocating
Taber Shear / Scratch
Taber Multi Finger
Scratch / Mar Tester
 Electronic Inkometer IGT Hydroscope IGT TackOscope III 
 IGT Hydroscope  IGT Cloudoscope
IGT HydrOscope IGT CloudOscope















































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