CoatingCoating is an expensive process and particularly when it goes wrong in a multi-stage operation.

The ability to make trials and pre-coating tests goes a long way to eliminating those risks.

We offer an range of laboratory coaters, surface free energy testers and a full range of physical testing equipment for evaluating the trial results, as well as measurement of sheet porosity both before and after coating.

Adhesion, absorption, crack & scratch resistance, smoothness and printability can all be assessed.

Testing coated / laminated film, paper, non-woven, textiles and foils all have their own test requirements and we have a range of over 200 instruments to help with those evaluations.

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 Precision Balance  Electric Incinerator  Drying Oven  Internal_Bond_Tester Friction Peel Tester 2260 Microperm 600 Air Permeability Tester
 Precision Balance Electric Incinerator Drying Oven Internal Bond Tester FP-2260 Friction
& Peel Tester
Microperm 600
Smart and Classic
Air Permeability Tester
 300Cobb Unger Tester  300x300 Cobb  300BekkSmoothness New image Gurley Smoothness Tester and Densometer  Gurley Standard_Densometers DynamicPenetrationTester 300x300 Vapometer
Cobb Unger Tester Cobb Testers Bekk Smoothness Tester Gurley Smoothness
Tester & Densometer
Gurley Standard
Dynamic Penetration
Permeability Cups
 Global Standard Tester  IGT_AE_Four_Inking _Unit  IGT_High_Speed_Inking_Unit4  IGT Consumables Button 300 IGT Heatset_Dryer AIC2_5 Standard Paper Testing Waxes
IGT Global
Standard Testers
 IGT AE Four
Inking Unit
IGT High Speed
Inking Unit 4
IGT Consumables IGT Heatset Dryer IGT AIC2-5 T2000 Universal
Printability Tester
Standard Paper
Testing Waxes
 Elrepho450x  Color i7 Spectrophotometer Gloss Meters X-Rite SP62  X-Rite eXact 300Sutherland rub tester Laboratory UV dryer
Elrepho 450X Colour i7
Gloss Meter SP62 Portal Sphere
X-Rite eXact
Rubproofness Tester Laboratory UV Dryer
Taber_linear_abraser 300Taber Oscillating Abrasion Tester Taber Shear Scratch Tester Taber Reciprocation Abrader Taber_Rotary_Platform_Abraser Taber Multi Finger Scratch Tester Euclid Range of Laboratory Coaters - 19
Taber Linear Abraser Taber Oscillating
Abrasion Tester
Taber Shear / Scratch
Taber Reciprocating
Taber Rotary
Platform Abraser
Taber Multi Finger
Scratch / Mar Tester
Euclid Range of
Laboratory Coaters
300 Alfa-1  300x300 JDC Precision Sample Cutter  300Taber Abraser Sample Cutter  300_Circular_Sample_Cutter_2015
 Alfa Sample Cutter  JDC Precision
Sample Cutters
 Taber Abraser
Sample Cutter
 Circular Cutters

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