Salad & Vegetables

MAP SaladThe use of MAP when packing fruit, vegetables and salad can produce a 4 or 5 fold increase in the products” shelf life to exceed 1 month in many cases.

Fresh fruit and vegetables continue to respire after packing, so by packing in a modified atmosphere of reduced oxygen and increased carbon dioxide inhibits the natural respiration of the fruit or vegetable and slows ripening.

Using packaging film with the correct oxygen and water permeability is important as packs with too low an oxygen content can initiate anaerobic respiration resulting in a shortened shelf life.

The best results when using MAP for fruit and vegetables are achieved by the correct combination of initial MAP gas concentrations and using packaging film with the correct permeability.

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Significant products from our range for the salad and vegetable industry include:

300_MAP-Mix-Provectus 300_3gas_MAP_Mix_9001 OpTech  Airproof TesterMFY-01  300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300 MAP_Check_3_Vacuum
 MAP Mix Provectus
Gas Mixer
MAP Mix 9001
2-3 Gas Mixer
Mocon OpTech Oxygen
Gas Analyser
 MFY-01 Airproof Leak
Detection Vacuum
Water Chamber
 MAP Check 3
On-line Headspace
Gas Analyser
MAP Check 3

On-line Gas Analysis
MAP Check3

Gas Analyser
 Leakpointer_ii 300Leakpointer II E2  Leakmatic II  300_CheckPoint  300_CheckPointII  300CheckMate 3  300_CheckMate_3_PC_Software
 LeakPointer II
Leak Detector
LeakPointer II E2
Leak Detector
LeakMatic II
In-Line Leak Detector
Gas Analyser
CheckPoint II
Gas Analyser
CheckMate 3
Gas Analyser
 CheckMate 3
PC Software
300_Lippke_4000_4500 300_TSE_Package_Integrity_Tester
Lippke 4000/4500
Packaging Testing
Package Integrity

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