Meat & Poultry

Modified Atmosphere Packaging typically doubles the shelf of red meat like beef up to 8 days and that of poultry can be extended up to 3 weeks. However, ensuring the correct mixture of gasses and security of the package against leakage is vital.

Red meat is usually packed in a high oxygen mix of about 80%, to ensure that the product remains red for the duration of the shelf life. The balance of the mix is typically 20% CO2, which is used to inhibit the growth of the aerobic bacteria, a principle cause of spoilage in red meat.

The shelf life of poultry, such as chicken, can be trebled to up to 21 days when an appropriate carbon dioxide / nitrogen gas mix is used to replace the air in the pack. The high CO2 concentration acts in the same way as with red meat, and inhibits aerobic bacteria growth.

A robust HACCP protocol to ensure the correct headspace gas and free from leaks is critical to ensuring product shelf life.

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Significant instruments from our range for the Meat and Poultry industry include:

300_MAP-Mix-Provectus 300_3gas_MAP_Mix_9001 OpTech 300_Lippke_4000_4500 300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300 MAP_Check_3_Vacuum 300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014
MAP Mix Provectus
On-line Gas Mixer
MAP Mix 9001
2-3 Gas Mixer
Mocon OpTech Oxygen
Platinum Gas Analyser
Lippke 4000/4500
Testing System
 MAP Check 3
On-line Gas Analyser
MAP Check 3 Vacuum
Gas Analyser
MAP Check 3 Pressure
On-line Gas Analyser
300_CheckPoint 300_CheckPointII 300CheckMate 3 300_CheckMate_3_PC_Software Leakpointer_ii 300Leakpointer II E2 Leakmatic II
Gas Analyser
CheckPoint II
Gas Analyser
CheckMate 3
Gas Analyser
CheckMate 3
PC Software
LeakPointer II
Leak Detector
LeakPointer II E2
Leak Detector
LeakMatic II
Automatic In-Line
Leak Detector
300_TSE_Package_Integrity_Tester Airproof TesterMFY-01
Package Integrity
MFY-01 Airproof Leak
Detection Vacuum
Water Chamber

Case Studies
Tulip (one of Denmark’s leading producers of processed food) saves money with the new MAP gas mixer and analyser
How the MAP Check 3 and MAP Mix Provectus have together helped to reduce gas consumption by 30-40%.

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