Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is widely used in preparing retail packs of hard cheese.

By doing this, the shelf life of block, sliced, diced and grated cheese can commonly be extended to 2 months and over, by minimising the oxygen content of the pack and replacing it with either carbon dioxide or a carbon dioxide / nitrogen mix.

The carbon dioxide is absorbed into the cheese, resulting in a “snugged down” pack when using carbon dioxide alone whereas a more loose “floppy” pack is created when packing with a nitrogen /carbon dioxide mix.

A rigorous headspace gas analysis and leak detection regime are critical part of the HACCPs, to ensure the inhibition of mould growth on the product and that the consumer enjoys good safe food.

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Dansensor offers the cheese industry a number of key products from its range:

300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300 MAP_Check_3_Vacuum 300_MAP-Mix-Provectus 300_3gas_MAP_Mix_9001 Leakmatic II 300Leakpointer II E2
MAP Check 3 Pressure
On-line Gas Analyser
MAP Check 3
On-line Gas Analyser
MAP Check 3 Vacuum
Gas Analyser
MAP Mix Provectus
On-line Gas Mixer
MAP Mix 9001
Gas Mixer
LeakMatic II
Automatic In-line
Leak Detector
LeakPointer II E2
Off-line Leak Detector
Leakpointer_ii 300CheckMate 3 300_CheckMate_3_PC_Software 300_Lippke_4000_4500 OpTech
LeakPointer II
Benchtop Leak Detector
CheckMate 3
Gas Analyser
CheckMate 3
PC Software
CheckPoint 3
Headspace Gas Analyser
CheckPoint 3
Gas Analyser
Lippke 4000/4500
Packaging Testing
Mocon OpTech

Platinum Gas Analyser
 Airproof TesterMFY-01  300_TSE_Package_Integrity_Tester
 MFY-01 Airproof
Leak Detection Water
Vacuum Chamber
Package Integrity

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