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Coffee and the quality of Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Modified Atmosphere Packaging – MAP – stands at the cutting edge in the packaging of foods, coffee included.

To conserve the excellence of quality coffee over time, account must be taken of technology which makes it possible to extract air, or more precisely oxygen, from the container and replace it with a single or mixed gases to surround the food with a new atmosphere which preserves all its flavour qualities. As an integral part of the MAP process, specific control systems have been developed in parallel to give an instant reading of the types of gas being used.

We discuss the question with Ambra Belli from PBI Dansensor Italia, a company specialised in reliability and quality control solutions in modified atmosphere packaging. “We have observed that an increasing number of roasters are choosing MAP, and they turn to us for instrumentation designed to check the gas content in their packaging.

For almost 20 years PBI Dansensor has been in the forefront of studies and the ongoing search for solutions able to support and facilitate the work of quality control departments with the production of dedicated instruments. Gas analysis is not only of crucial importance in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point procedures, it is an essential operation in achieving optimum conservation of the food product.

To respond to this specific market requirement we have perfected two instruments able to adapt to any type of production line and procedure of analysis: the CheckMate 3 headroom analyzer and the MAP Check 3 line-gas analyser.

If sample analyses are required on several lines, or with high production volumes, we would recommend the high performance user-friendly CheckMate 3, which can take oxygen measurements inside self-conserving capsules, despite the small volumes available for sampling. The equipment’s software enables users to avoid manual data registration through the direct transfer of results to a PC, or print-outs on the built-in printer. This makes data monitoring and production simpler and extremely reliable.

If on-line checks are required on each single package on a flowpack machine, MAP Check 3 provides ideal process management and ensures optimum speed and gas saving: reductions of consumption ranging from 20% to 50% are guaranteed by the GasSave option and the capacity to run analyses at three different points. This method offers several advantages over off-line checks. If standard levels are exceeded,
MAP Check 3
is able to stop production and thereby avoid the destruction of packages and the need to repackage. This optimises raw
material and labour costs.”


For more information about the CheckMate 3 and MAP Check 3,
please contact the PBI Dansensor sales team at Tendring pacific on 01223 492083 or

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