Improve Production & Cut Costs

Improve MAP Production & Cut Costs

Reduce gas consumption on Flow Wrap & Bagging machines

Many users have achieved 40% savings in their gas consumption, by installing
online headspace analysis and automatic gas flow control on their flow wrap & bagging lines.

Dansensor has years’ of experience in producing equipment for optimising the flushing performance of flow wrappers & baggers. The latest MAP Check 3 is third generation and there are tens of thousands of these and their predecessors installed worldwide.

The Dansensor MAP Check 3 monitors the percentage of oxygen gas before the sealing jaws, compares that actual level with the target value and automatically adjusts the flow of flushing gas, using just enough to achieve the correct target value.

The result is usually a significant gas saving and, depending on which gas or mix of gasses is being used, payback on this investment can be fast.

How much could you save?
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Dansensor MAP Quality Control for SaladReducing packaging & product waste

“Getting it right first time” is always the most profitable. Periodic sample testing of the headspace gas has been the norm for years, but is now becoming less than adequate, as packing lines become much faster and the cost of product, materials & labour increases.

On a fast line and with the test value not within tolerance, carrying out offline tests only every 30 minutes, could result in 3000-3500 incorrectly packed products since the previous satisfactory test. To quarantine, strip out, dispose of the wasted packaging and repack is both time consuming & expensive and there is also the very real risk of contaminated product, or short delivering to the client.

You can avoid this with online continuous headspace analysis. The Dansensor
MAP Check 3 Vacuum (for use on Thermoform & Tray Seal machines) and Dansensor
MAP Check 3 (for use on Baggers & Flow Wrap machines ) monitor the percentage O2 in the headspace gas, either every cycle or continuously, compare actual values against target values and stop the line if it’s out of specification.

Cut waste, save money and improve your green credentials by contacting us on 01223 492083 or via
to discuss how we can help you to “Get it right first time”, with on site trials that will help prove the case.

Headspace Gas AnalysersEnsuring seal integrity

Good seal integrity & the absence of leaking packs is absolutely crucial for ensuring that the shelf life of a product is what is stated on the pack. There is nothing worse than mould, or “off” complaints in retailers’ stores, to damage a brand’s reputation and threaten the supplier / retailers relationship.

From our years of experience of running leak trials and MAP machine troubleshooting, we see that the majority of leaking packs are avoidable systematic events, rather than random ones, such metal detecting.

The biggest single cause of leaking packs is poor seal integrity followed by product entrapment.

Packing is a dynamic process and the standard of seal integrity can fluctuate during a production run. The need is to be able to test with sufficient rigor & frequency, and to use that information to optimise packing machine performance in real-time. A step change in seal integrity can then be achieved.

For a lasting improvement in performance there are no short cuts, but it is worth the effort, whether your using flow wrappers, baggers, thermoformers or tray sealers.  Contact us on 01223 492083 of via to discuss how we can help you identify and prove the most appropriate testing regime.

Leakpointer_ii 300Leakpointer II E2 300 LeakMatic-II Airproof TesterMFY-01 300_Lippke_4000_4500
LeakPointer II Benchtop
Leak Detector
LeakPointer II E2
Leak Detector
LeakMatic II
Inline Leak Detector
Airproof Leak Detector
Lippke 4000/4500
Package Testing System

Dansensor Online Gas AnalysersControlling of the MAP gassing process automatically

Fast, automated & now especially, fully integrated packing lines are very effective & efficient provided all parts of the process are monitored & corrective action is taken in real time.

Time is of the essence and continuous monitoring, coupled with automated feedback of corrective action, can ensure MAP packs are gassed correctly throughout a production run. Trying to manually adjust the gassing process is labour intensive, wastes valuable time in setting up a manual mixer and almost certain to fail.

We see MAP gassing as a two stage process:

  1.  produce the correct gas mix every time, independent of input gas pressures
  2. continuously monitor the headspace gas & adjust the flow of flushing gas (baggers & flow wrappers) and stop the packing line if packs can not be completed within specification.

Many packaging machine suppliers have integrated the control of the Dansensor electronic mixer & online analysers into their own control screen, making control even more seamless. Contact us on 01223 492083 or via to see how you can get cost effective control of the gassing process on your lines.

300 MAP Check 3 Pressure Jan 2014 300 MAP_Check_3_Vacuum 300_MAP-Mix-Provectus
MAP Check 3
Gas Analyser
MAP Check 3

Gas Analyser
MAP Mix Provectus

Mince meat in a trayGas supply issues & solutions

Gas supply issues are common place and adversely affect productivity, in some cases to an alarming extent.

Frequently, the rate of production is slowed down by what many call “Gas Starvation”, where an inadequate flow of mixed gas from the gas mixer results in the packaging machine being run more slowly or erratically. This can be caused by insufficient gas flow, or gas pressure from the gas storage tanks, or generators, and it can also be caused by the gas mixer simply not be capable of mixing gas fast enough.

Packing plants frequently add additional lines to their existing set ups and there comes a point when line running speeds will be adversely effected, unless improvements are made to the gas supply system. We can:

  • come to site to help you identify the route cause of the gas supply issue
  • help you to make the most of your existing system by adding the new Dansensor MAP Mix Provectus
    (we have customers who have increased their line efficiency by 17% by doing this)

Contact us on 01223 492083 or via us to discuss if we can help improve the gas supply to your packing lines.

300_MAP-Mix-Provectus 300_3gas_MAP_Mix_9001 300_2gas_MAP_Mix_9001
MAP Mix 9001
3 Gas Mixer
MAP Mix 9001
2 Gas Mixer

MAP Check 3 Data TransferAudits made easy with data logging

Ensuring that all the paper records are completed correctly and filed correctly is essential for a satisfactory audit. However, generating  & retrieving  paper records is very time consuming and can be prone to error at various stages in the process.

Electronic Test Data – there is increasing demand from companies for the electronic recording & storage of quality test data, which:

  • goes a long to avoid data transcription errors when the tests are preformed
  • can allow remote viewing of the test data, moments after the test has taken place
  • ensures the integrity of data and assigned to a product / batch correctly
  • means that the quality data to be input into a factory wide management, or process optimisation system
  • makes the data readily available for statistical analysis

Electronic  Data DownloadAll Dansensor products (with the exception of the entry level Dansensor CheckPoint, or traditional Dansensor MAP Mix 9001 gas mixer) have either an Ethernet LAN, or USB port or RS232 port, or a combination of 2 or 3 of these output options, enabling the user to download data easily and automatically from most equipment.

Test Data Retrieval & Analysis – With test data being in digital format, it can be easily filed, searched for & retrieved. Subsequent analysis of the test data can reveal discrepancies & trends and give management the confidence of taking evidence based actions. The efficient storage & retrieval of test data will also give auditors both the information required and the confidence in the factory’s system.

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Programmed Service & Calibration Alerts

We’re able to track the service history of your Dansensor MAP equipment and can automatically alert you in sufficient time before essential Service & Calibration is due. A vital service to help you ensure all your Dansensor equipment is working correctly and the calibration certificates are in date.

To find out more about the full range of Service & Calibration Contracts we offer, contact us either on 01223 492083 or via and see how we can help keep your MAP business running smoothly.