Equipment Rental

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Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental* from Tendring pacific is a new way of accessing any of the products in our comprehensive range of high quality testing equipment.

Our rental contracts include the cost of an annual service and calibration of the rental equipment and a range of further options at the end of the rental period.

Equipment Rental from Tendring pacific is excellent for:

  • getting the equipment to pay for itself – through decreased waste, the result of your increased quality assurance procedures with the new rental equipment
  • increasing capacity – spreads the cost of increasing your quality assurance capacity
  • decreasing capital expenditure – by moving the ongoing cost of the new equipment to your revenue budget, a benefit over lease purchase agreements where the cost usually remains a capital expenditure

Options at the end of the Rental Period

  1. Continue the rental at a new reduced rate
  2. Return the old rental unit and start renting a new unit
  3. Return the rental unit with no further obligations or charges
  4. Purchase the used rental unit at a discount price, equivalent to one month’s rental.

Rental Contract
The rental contract is subject to and dependent on the satisfactory credit status of the customer and the final details of the monthly repayments are influenced by the credit status of the customer and the duration of the rental period.

*Terms and Conditions Apply

  • Equipment Rental from Tendring pacific is a fixed term contract.
  • An arrangement fee of £180.00 (+VAT) is payable with the first installment
  • Minimum rental period is for 2 years
  • During the period of the rental contract, the equipment remains the property of Leasing Programmes Ltd.
  • Full Terms & Conditions are available from our sales teams through the contact details
    on the MAP Equipment Rental and Physical Testing Equipment rental pages