Equipment Trials & Demonstrations

IGT Orange ProoferPhysical Testing

Confidence in selecting the correct equipment for purchase or rental
When changing or upgrading equipment, especially in a production and quality control environment, it’s important to ensure that any new instruments, or changes are the most appropriate for your setting.

Capital Expenditure applications can be proposed with confidence when you already know, that the new equipment will satisfactorily & consistently differentiate between confirming & non-confirming materials; what the payback time or return on investment period will be; that colleagues are comfortable operating the equipment and that quality assurance procedures will improve.

Pre-purchase Sample Testing We are able to arrange for 2 or 3 customer samples to be tested on the equipment being considered, to help you to select the most appropriate instruments for your needs. IGT Testing Systems in Amsterdam have the majority of their products in their demonstration room and which is staffed by IGT Application Engineers. As potential, or existing customers, you are welcome to visit and test your own ink samples on your own substrates, so that you can be confident in the equipment decision you’re making.

Contract Testing
We  are unable to offer contract testing facilities ourselves, but we are able to put you in contact with organisations that can provide this service.

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