Online Gas Analysers

Dansensor Online Gas AnalysersQuality assurance is essential for confidence that MAP equipment is working correctly and gas mixing system are delivering the correct protective atmosphere. Control of the gas flushing process is vital to ensure the prolonged shelf-life of food and other products.

Today, 100% process control of modified atmosphere products is possible through on-line gas analysers and manufacturers are able to ensure that the shelf-life of food meets specifications and reduce the risk of costly and time-consuming repackaging of products. High precision constant monitoring of the incoming gas also removes the necessity to use excess packaging gas, resulting in significant cost savings on vertical and horizontal flow packaging machines where Dansensor® gas analysers have optional flow control.

Dansensor® Testing Equipment for Online Gas Analysis

Dansensor® gas flushing equipment offers a range of solutions for online gas analysis of MAP products across all relevant industries and sectors.

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