Gas Mixers

Gas MixersIt’s vital that the gas mixer (gas blender) on the packaging line has an appropriate capacity and that the correct gas volume is delivered at the correct flow rate, to ensures that the correct gas mix enters the package and achieves complete flushing.

Mechanical gas mixer systemproportionally blend the gas in the mixing chamber and a gas equaliser theoretically ensures that the input gases are at the same pressure. Manual adjustments to the diameter of the gas mixer aperture controlled the flow rate. The system requires a relatively high input pressure compared with the output pressure. Change in one of the input gases might take some time before mixing is corrected at the output.

The Dansensor® ‘Intelligent’ electronic gas mixer systemover come these issues with the state-of-the-art, Dansensor® MAP Mix Provectus, smart gas mixer. This uses intelligent mass flow control sensors to actively monitor the flow of gas in each input line to the gas mixer, adjusting the flow as necessary to provide a consistent, pre-programmed output from the gas blender unit.

Dansensor® Leak Detection Equipment

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